Talking about Susquehannock Marching Warriors at USSBA PA Championship 2009 – a set on Flickr

This is awesome… the hosting band’s support group had taken pictures of the High School band at the State Championship’s and then sent us a link to the pictures.  That was really cool.  Sometimes its tough to get good pictures with all the setup and movement of instruments and props for a show. 


Susquehannock Marching Warriors at USSBA PA Championship 2009 – a set on Flickr

Talking about YouTube – OSU Drumline

Talking about YouTube – OSU band

 Can you pick Anna Out?


YouTube – OSU band

Talking about YouTube – OSU Band Homecoming Oct 17

I love to the fall

When I take the back road home, I get some really beautiful scenery.  We’ve had a lot of wind and rain over the few weeks and it’s knocked a lot of leaves off of the trees already, but I enjoy the ones that are still there!



Talking about YouTube – OSU Marching Band – Homecoming Parade 2009

Weekend Washout

Our events for the weekend all got washed out…. not that there was a tremendous amount of rain, but it was just constant and kind of on the cool side (40’s).  But, then it is that time of year.  Friday’s football game got moved to Monday night and the competition at West Chester University was canceled all together mid-morning on Saturday.  So Saturday we headed over to Lancaster to do a little shopping at the outlet mall and to visit the Coleman Truckload sale (the truck just happened to be in town this weekend). 

We got home early evening and I got to watch the football game (OSU Vs. Missouri).  I like watching the televised games so I can see if I can pick out my kid-o’s at the game. I got a new picture of Anna in her Band Uniform on Saturday afternoon:


I really wished they showed the band during one of it’s performances (Pre-game, Half-time, or Post-Game), but I guess I understand the economics of it.  The game ended around 1 AM ET and it was raining pretty hard when I went to bed with the occasional tick of sleet against the window.  On Sunday morning when I got up to let the dog out we had snow on the ground…. just a dusting, but real honest to god snow.  North of us a couple of hours they had 4+ inches in the mountains, but this was a bit unexpected.  So my thinking at this point is it’s going to be a very white winter. 

I spent some time on Flight Aware tonight watching plans come and go and looking at airplane pictures.  I really miss hanging out at the airport.  Later tonight the low is supposed to be just above freezing…. so I really need to get the camper winterized soon.  That needs to be on my to-do list for this week.