Sunday Morning

On Sunday morning we checked out of our rooms and said our good bys with out friend Missy… it was really good to see her again!  After that we went over to Mason’s apartment to have breakfast.  On the way to his apartment, we passed a staircase going to the second floor… one question came to mind as I looked at the stairs:  I wonder how good of a party it must have been?

Oklahoma Sate Trip - 092509 133 Oklahoma Sate Trip - 092509 134

We had breakfast, ran a few errands with Anna and then headed for Tulsa to catch our flight back to Baltimore.  The flight home (and the connection) was uneventful.  We got home around midnight… so Monday was a long day, but I’d do it again in a heart beat!


O-State Vs. Grambling

After seeing the pre-game pep rally we were off to the to find our seats and get ready to see the Pre-Game show.  We purchased some Band T-Shirts on the way past the Student Union.  The Game was great!  It was kind of a blowout though 56-6 in favor of OSU, but it was fun to take it all in for the first time.  My only complaint was that the seating was really tight when it’s all adults (well, large adults like me).  Which made it a bit uncomfortable until the crowd started to thin out a bit and we could move around a bit.

We got to see the pre-game band show, the half-time show, and the post-game show provided by the OSU .  I’ve got sill pictures below along with some video that I took on my camera.  Not the best quality, but enough to get the idea.


Parents Day – Part III

After dropping off items at her dorm room, we went over to Mason’s apartment and had breakfast and visited a bit with everyone (there Mason, Becky, Bethany, Dalton, Missy, and Mason’s room mates).  Paul called and he and David were headed over to Joe’s for lunch with my sister… so Mason, Anna, and I ran over an visited with him there at Joe’s until my sister and her family got there (Matt, Lynn, Kendal, Kevin, Kara). 

 Oklahoma Sate Trip - 092509 074 Oklahoma Sate Trip - 092509 075 Joe's on Game Day 2009

We stayed there and visited until Bethany showed up and then we did some shopping and walked around campus for a bit and took some pictures:

We circled the wagons around 2:30 and headed over and had lunch before Anna needed report for performances.  She needed to be at the band room by 3:45 and on the practice field by 4:45.  They do warm ups on the Library Lawn and then have a pre-game pep rally on the Library Lawn to get the crowds warmed up!  I really enjoyed seeing this… but wish I had got there sooner to have a better spot for pictures.

Pit Warm-Up

Library Lawn Performance


Parents Day – Part II

Following the practice, I walked down to passing a number of folks that were seriously tailgating.  It was really fun to watch, I wish I lived closer because I think that would be a lot of fun (the tailgating).  I waited for Anna across from The Seretean Center while she put her instrument away.

After she got done, we went over to some of the shops by Eskimo Joe’s and did some quick shopping.  I wanted an O-State tire cover for my camper and a few other little items.  We walked aback across campus and went up to our room in Parker Hall to get some items that I brought for her from PA and then took them over to her room.  I snapped a couple of pictures of the Library and the Garden in front of the Student Union.  Once we got to Anna’s room she showed us her new “Pet” her fish.  Her dorm floor is taking bets on how long the fish will survive in her care… they all find it interesting that she keeps it on top of her microwave.


Part III to follow…


Oklahoma State Parents Day Weekend

This past weekend we went to for the weekend.  It was this past weekend and they were offering 1/2 price tickets to the OSU Vs. Grambling State Game in the new .  So this was a bonus, getting to see both kids for the weekend, taking in a football game, and seeing the (of which Anna is a member).

If getting there was half the fun, we were in for a rocky weekend.  Our flight from BWI to Memphis was delayed which in turn caused us to miss our connection to Tulsa.  Fortunately, Northwest informed us of the probable missed connection situation before we got on the plan in Baltimore.  I had overheard the counter agent tell a person few places in front of me that they were going to “hold the OKC flight” for 10 min because there were a number of people on the BWI to Memphis flight attempting to make that flight.  When I got to the counter, the agent told me I had two options… come back in the morning to BWI and try and get there on Saturday or fly to Memphis and spend the night (at my cost) and try and make the 9:30 Memphis to Tulsa flight.  I opted for door number 3 (the OKC flight)… which took the agent back a bit because she was trying to figure out how I was going to get to Tulsa for the return flight.  She was really making sure that her bases were covered in terms of any additional cost to get from OKC to Tulsa was on me.  Since I was going to Stillwater, it was really not a big deal… but she didn’t know that.  We literally had to run from Gate B-40 to B-3.  There was absolutely no way we would have made the Tulsa flight.   Mason borrowed Anna’s car and drove down to pick us up in OKC.  It was really great to see him when we landed.  Up until that point, it was not a fun trip.

We called in a Pizza at and picked it up on the way to the room.  We had booked two rooms at OSU in one of the Dorms (Parker Hall).  This was really cool because we are already on campus and for $60 / night it was a really good deal!  Becky, Dalton, and Missy were already there and visiting with Anna when we arrived with the Pizza and checked into the room.  We talked until about 1 AM.

I got up early on Saturday and went down to the stadium to catch the morning practice session at the band (at about 7 AM).   I walked into the stadium with the band and got to see the practice session and take some pictures and some video.


CMB AM Pratice



Part II to follow….


Talking about YouTube – Inside OSU – Cowboys Marching Band

  Whatch the whole thing… there are two places where you see someone we know (the second one is near the end).


YouTube – Inside OSU – Cowboys Marching Band

Change of seasons

I love the change of seasons in the fall.   Cool foggy mornings (as pictured below) giving way to cool fair skies in the afternoon.  The trees are lightening up in preparation for their change to fall dress.  Tufts of leaves that are in the process of going red or golden in color. 


Driving into work this morning was the kind of fog that was just enough to bring about the mystery of the season without really impeding the drive into work much.