Camping at Caledonia State Park

Friday later afternoon we headed out for our weekend camping trip at .  We had some torrential rain on the way over to the park… it was probably the heaviest rain I’ve ever pulled the camper in! 

The rain let up just as we pulled into the campground which was great because we could get set up and get the tent ends out before getting soaked.  After we got set up, it started to rain again, but it was lighter than it was on the drive in.  I was not real happy with the camp site.  When you look at the campground map it looks like they are individual sights; however, many of them are doubles and triples.  I’m not real crazy about camping on top of my neighbor.  The only saving grace is that we were the outside site with a view of the campground.  We decided to run over to Chambersburg and hit the grocery store for a few last min items.  When we got back, we found that we had neighbors.  They were in a motor home and their awning was about two or three feet from the side of ours.  We took our groceries in and enjoyed the rain on the roof and did some reading until it was time to go to bed.

Saturday morning we got up and walked around the campground to see the other sites.  There is a creek across the street from where our site was and you could hear the water rushing past.  I’ve got some pictures below.  Bethany wanted to go over to Hagerstown, MD and do a little shopping at the outlet mall.  When we got back, we took a nap and enjoyed the breeze and when we got up we had a small campfire.  It was a really nice evening.

Sunday we got up and drove over to about 12 miles away (we heard that they upgraded the campground facilities).  It looks like they had some new showers and rest rooms.  The campsites were much nicer over in Pine Grove.   They were much better spaced out.  On the way back we drove some of Adams County and saw a number of Orchards.  We stopped at the .  I was wanting to by from fresh fruit all weekend.  I wanted to make some fruit pies in my Dutch Oven, but that wasn’t to be this trip.  I bought some Black Berries and some Peaches (White Flesh Peaches).  These were the best peaches I’ve ever had.


Who Am I?

Friday morning I noticed this moth / bug out side clinging to the building.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it.  The focus is not the best, but it’s the best I could get from my cell phone.

Image001 Image002

Fort Delaware

Today we wandered over to Delaware City, DE and paid a visit to .  Its about an hour and a half from the house.  There is a lot to see there, we were impressed.  It was a pretty quiet day, I think that Hurricane Bill had scared off most folks, but it was a pleasant day (a little humid, but pleasant).  I found a website that has some good pictures and descriptions.

They had several folks in period costume throughout the fort that you could ask questions of and they would answer your question based on the period (unless you asked them to take their hat off).  It was pretty neat.  We got to see the Infantry men presentation where they explained some of the arms that were used and provided demonstrations of several rifles.  We missed the blacksmith… I would have liked to have seen that.  While we were on top of the fort, you could smell this delicious smell coming from somewhere…. there was a cooking demonstration going on in the officers kitchen.  I stopped and chatted with the young lady that was doing the cooking (she was making a stew) for the officers.  I really should have asked how she had it spiced, it smelled great!

We talked with an older man dressed as a civilian who explained “The other side of the war” that was basically what the families endured during the war.  It was a very interesting perspective on things.  And finally, we saw an example of a prisoner barracks.  I would have liked to say longer and here the volunteer there some more of what he had to say.  In the little times we were there, he was fascinating.   We ran out to catch the tram back to the boat so we could ride over to Fort Mott; however, we did not get off the boat there.  We were told that there is a cemetery on the island, but little else and it was two hours before the next boat would be there to go back to Delaware City… so we decided to say on the boat.

When we got back to Delaware City, we ate at which was good, but our server was not very attentive smile_sad.  We sent several text messages and pictures to are nephew in Oklahoma from Crabby Dicks. 

Good and Quiet Weekend

Yesterday we were off to Lancaster, PA to visit a teacher supply store and then to Mt. Gretna, PA to take in some scenery.  Today, we spend the day around the house and and the afternoon in the pool.  It was a good day!

This evening we bought our plane tickets to go to OSU for a football game.  We are going to see Grambling State play Oklahoma State University in September!  We are going to see if our Sister in-law and nephew can join us for the game.  It should be a fun weekend.

Updates From OSU

It’s been an interesting couple of days….  Wednesday night we got a call from both Mason and Anna! Mason has been really busy this year because they’ve shifted some of the duties with Alpha (at OSU) and move in to the Residence Hall Ambassadors.  It sounded like he was having fun with it, it was just long days.  When we talked to him early in the evening it sounded like he was with his group of Freshman and and was able to watch the drum line (including Anna) perform as part of the Alpha program that night.  He said that she looked like she was doing really well. 

Anna seems to be getting along really well and she also mentioned the performance for Alpha.   Apparently some of the guys that she’s met on her floor showed up and started cheering for her right as they were counting off to start playing… hearing someone call her name kind of distracted her for a few seconds.  I think she was really surprised by it.  It was really good to talk to her in person for a bit and just kind of gauge how things are… but I feel really good that Mason is there and seems to be watching out for her!

Last night we went out to Band Preview night at the high school and we had a good time.  They kind of end band camp and show the parents what they’ve learned during the past two weeks.  It’s good to have that first point of reference as the season begins.  The Pit (or Front Ensemble) dedicated there sectional performance to Anna (which was a nice surprise).  They played Britney Spears “Baby hit me one more time” and I was told that it had “Special Meaning” for Anna after the performance.  But it was cute.

Image005 Image003


Later last night we got some bad news and some good news….  The bad news was that Anna had someone steel money out of her wallet in the Band room at OSU over the past couple of days.  A total of $60.   So they are looking to see if they can see the person on the surveillance camera in the Band Room, but that’s probably money that’s just gone.  The item that is more scary is that her ATM / Debit card is also in her billfold, so we spent last night cancelling accounts and cards to insure that no one tries to use them later.  Mason was going to hook her up with some cash from his account to get her by the next couple of days.  Again, it’s good to have a big brother around.

After that, we got another call from her that the percussion director had called and they wanted to offer her some scholarship money…. this was quite frankly a shock, but a pleasant one.  He told her that she needed to be down at the financial aid office by 8:15 today to accept it.  Now that’s really cool!

Bartlesville, OK to Shrewsbury PA

  • 21.5 Hours Door – to – Door
  • 19.0 Hours Driving time
  • 1.5 Hours total stopped time

Average Moving Speed 69.3 MPH

1 Long Drive, 1 Long Day….  I feel so washed out after one of these trips, but it’s so good to be home!

Oklahoma State – Move in

We left Grapevine, TX on Wednesday morning and headed to Oklahoma State University to get Anna moved into her dorm.   It took several trips on the elevator but we got all her stuff moved in and her electronics set up.  Her room looked pretty good before we left.  We were not able to get her parking permit, but we ordered it on-line and had it mailed to her dorm room.  We met a couple of people on her floor and they were really nice and they gave her some pointers.  In fact everyone seemed very helpful.  Since she moved in early with the Marching Band, most of the kids on her floor are there for the summer session. 

Anna decided to ride back to Bartlesville with us so she could see her grandfather in Bartlesville and Daisy (a.k.a. Stupid) our dog.  On Thursday morning, we drove out to the nursing home in Dewy to see Grandpa and then took Bethany to the Airport to fly back to Baltimore.  I then took Anna up to OSU.  We finished up some stuff in her room, then we went over to Financial Aid, got her Books and then walked to each of her classes so she could get the lay of the land.  After dinner, we did a load of laundry and then visited with Mason briefly before I needed to head back to Bartlesville.

It was both said and exciting to leave her on her own, but I know that she will do Great!

Here are some pictures of Anna’s room / dorm.

Here are some pictures of Mason’s apartment / dorm.

OSU Trip 2009 017 OSU Trip 2009 016