Back to Detroit

I’m back in Detroit for a quick two day trip.  On the flight in this time, I had a good view of Lake Erie and was surprised to see all of the islands on the way in to Detroit.  I don’t know why but I never thought of the Great Lakes having that many little islands. 

I’m back in PA on Wednesday night and then its off for the 20 hour drive to points west!


I have Pot Envy…..

Yesterday we were doing some “back to school shopping” before Anna leaves for Oklahoma State University.   We went over to the Outlet Stores in Lancaster, PA.  I had gotten wind that there was going to be a Coleman Truck Load Sale in the parking lot, so the trip really had a dual purpose.  They closed our Coleman Outlet store last year, but the truck comes once or twice a year and they do a parking lot sale.  Anyway, after getting my Coleman sale fix, we did some shopping for Anny and while they shop stores that are “less guy friendly”, I check out the cooking stores.  You never know when you might find some interesting item you might need to put in your camper!

We went into this one store (I can’t remember the name) and I found this gigantic Cast Iron Pot.  It must be four feet across at the top.  If I had $500 and 12 of my best friends to get it on a trailer, it would be sitting in my back yard right now.  Darn that was a cool looking pot.  But really, I can’t figure out what you would do with a pot that big… it’s not going to be easily moved once you set it down someplace…. but it’s a cool thought!


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Talking about ATHiking… the Podcast

This is an interesting Podcast! 


ATHiking… the Podcast

Home Server Recovery – Rebuild

I’m more and more impressed with Home server all the time…  I had built my first Home Server on my daughters old PC (and e-Machine PC).  I had a power supply that failed on the PC.  I ordered a new power supply and got it in and went to power it up and just got a lot of nothing.  Apparently when the Power Supply fails on that brand of machine (or at least that model) it typically toasts the motherboard.  Well…. that was not a good thing.  I also had an HP 775e that was running Windows XP…. so I removed the disks in it and transferred over the disks from the Home Server.  I had trouble getting the machine to come up and recognize the new hard drive so I was hoping that I could “repair” the install with the CD (like you do with Windows Server).  When I started the PC with the CD in it… it did not give me a repair option… it started with “formatting drive”    At this point, I had resolved myself to the fact that I’d lost all my data; however, to my surprise after a few hours of working on the server I got all the disks up and my data was all there!

I had to re-load all of all of the drivers on the HP for the NIC and various other peripherals…, re-install the add-ins, and then I had to add all of the users and set up the Web Page again…. but I HAD MY DATA!  By the end of the day I had the Home Server up and running and my PC’s backing up again.  I had to re-install the connector software on each PC to get the backup going… but that’s pretty minor. 

I spent the rest of the day today getting everything back in it’s place and cleaned up… this is a picture of My Home Server the way it is today!



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More Eyelid Problems

I really hate the Sty / Chalazion thing… Last Saturday I could feel the sty under my eyelid.  As we were were getting ready to head home I would feel the sty under my eyelid getting larger and my eyelid was starting to swell.   When we got home I put a hot wash rag on it (Microwave for 30 seconds).  That really seems to make it feel better.  I did not continue with the hot wash rags until Tuesday evening.  I should have kept it up Sunday and Monday… but I didn’t.

This is a picture of it on Tuesday Evening and it was pretty swollen.  I basically sat in the easy chair all night and kept the hot rags going from the time I got home until I went to bed.  Thursday morning I had quite a bit of discharge and I was able to get a few hot wash rags on it, but it was still pretty swollen.  It did not really start to subside until Thursday evening.


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Camping at Prince William Forest Park (NPS)

This weekend we camped at which is part of the National Park Service.  Talk about a nice park…. if you ever get close to the DC Area this is a nice place to camp.   Once you enter the park, the Campground is like a 10 – 15 min drive (inside the park).  You most certainly feel like your in the woods!  While they don’t have electric, they do have showers and flush toilets.  They have some really nice programs and lots of hiking.  We set up early on Friday and enjoyed the campsite.  I did a roast chicken in the Dutch Oven.   The park is located near Triangle, VA and is surrounded by Quantico Military Base. 

On Saturday, We went over and saw the in the morning and that was just awesome.   I could have spent more time there.  We drove to Fredericksburg, VA and spent the afternoon there sightseeing.  We had a good time walking the streets and enjoying the town.  We had lunch at an Irish Restaurant () and they had the best Sheppard Pie.  We stopped by on the way out and did the house tour. 

Campfire @ Home

We decided to have a campfire last night and sit out in our back yard and just enjoy the nice weather.  It’s almost fall like in the evenings lately… hard to believe that it’s July.


It’s really relaxing to just sit out by the pond and watch the fire into the evening!