Today I’m in Detroit to visit with one of our clients.  The weather was nice yesterday… a little windy, but aside from that nice.  I ended up having to catch a cab from the airport out to where our client is and the cab ride was $82.00… I about fell out of the back seat when the guy said that his credit card machine was broke.  I had $90 cash on me, so it worked out.   Knowing what I do now, I would have just rented a car for the day.  I’m thinking it would be less money.  I’m just glad that I’ve got a ride back to the airport this evening.

Twitter – I don’t get it?

I looked at Twitter for a a short time tonight… I just don’t get it.  Seems like just random thoughts that are not necessarily connected.  I can’t quite grasp the organizational concept.  This must mean that I’m getting old Sad

Fathers Day

We took a drive over to to see the old MA & PA Tran Station and Mill.  We’ve passed through here a number of times and it’s always been closed.  It’s open 1 – 5 PM on Sundays during the summer.  The old station and general store looks like it was left in time.  When you walk in the history is on every shelf.  It looks like someone in the last century just locked up and turned the lights out the night before.  I really enjoyed walking around the store.  The mill was a work in progress but still neat.  I’d like to go back and ride the train on a day where we have more time.  I did get some pictures of the buildings and another train in their yard.

This is very rural and difficult to find (even with a GPS).  You can drive around for hours in circles if you are not careful.  I’ve got a picture of a “Sea of young corn” on the way home:

Anna' Birthday & Fathers Day 2009 010

Anna’s 18th Birthday

Last night (by request) we went over to to see the band that Mr. Poole plays in (The ).   Bethany made a Red Velvet Cake for Anna’s birthday and a Berry Pie for Father’s day.   I attempted some pictures of the case but my view screen is cracked, so I don’t see much of what I’m taking a picture of…

Bethany gave each of the kids (16 – 18) bubbles… and the band loved the fact that they were making bubbles while they were playing.

The Hail Stone that was a Car Killer

We got word from the insurance company today and they are going to total Mason’s car.  That one large dent is what put it over the edge.  They are estimating the damage at $2,600 and the car’s value is $2,800.  The real shame of it is that the care is in excellent shape mechanically.


So now we need to decide what to do… if we accept the insurance company offer, we need to surrender the car.  It’s hard to believe that one hail stone could total a car!

Drum Corps

We went over to the DCI show last night in Chambersburg, PA and had a really good time.  If you like marching bands, I highly recommend that you visit a Drum Corps Show.  It’s like a marching band on steroids.   The horns & drums are awesome!

State Park Drive – A Flag Day Treat

Today we took a drive to check out some state parks near us that we’ve not seen before.  We went to visit:

Little Buffalo is a neat park, it has some historical locations inside the park.  Today, we visited Shoaff’s Mill, a covered bridge, and Blue Ball Tavern.  These were pretty neat!  They also had a pool / water park type thing.  It was more than a pool, but less that a water park… but really cool none the less.  The campground was so / so.  It was new and the spaces were closer together than I like.  But I think in a few years when the trees grow a bit more, it will be nice and shady.  There are 30+ sites, most with electric and all accept pets.

Fowlers Hollow was probably my favorite (from a campsite prospective).  The park is right on a creek and there are only 12 sites all accept pets.  There are regular bathrooms, but no showers.  Since most sites have electric and we would be in a trailer with a show… I don’t see this as a problem; however, Bethany does not see that item the same way.  I did not get any pictures of this park.

Colonel Denning looked like a really nice park.  The camping area was closed due to recent flooding.  But the rest of the park looked nice.  They have a swim beach with sand.  Lots of trees and water everywhere.  It reminded me a lot of Cowans Gap State Park.