Memorial Day Parade

Monday we packed up the camper and got it ready to pull out.  We had to got to our last Marching Band event for Anna.  It was the Glen Rock, PA Memorial Day Parade.

This event always starts with a warm up starts with a warm up session in by the fire hall in Glen Rock and then proceeds through town to the VFW.  Anna was asked to carry a base drum for her final performance which was kind of neat.

Memorial Day Weekend Camping

We had a good weekend camping at Codorus State Park over the holiday weekend.  I had taken off on Friday and was hoping to head out on Thursday night to get in an extra day at the camp site, but it was not to be.  We were still having issues with our swimming pool (we opened it last week) and it seems like you always need to make two or three trips to the pool place for chemicals, parts, and etc.  But once we had that under control, we got out to the campground around 1 PM… still long before the crowds.

Camping was great… warm days and cool evenings, just the way I like it.  I got to cook on the cast iron grill on Friday Night (Steaks, Shrimp, Shrimp and Pineapple, and Potatoes) and Dutch Ovens  on Saturday (Turkey, Carrots, and Potatoes, and an Apple Pie)   .

    Codours State Park Camping 001

There is noting better than camp food (IMHO)!

Sunday, we did some letterboxing and just in general hiking around the camp ground.  I’d walked some trails that we’ve not done in a long time.


Sunday night we went to one of our favorite places in Hannover… The York Street Treat!  We got some burgers and shakes… topped that off with an ice cream cone. 

 Codours State Park Camping 017 Codours State Park Camping 016

Camping at Codorus State Park

It’s time for another camping trip to Codorus!  I always look forward to getting out in the camper!  I’ll have my “Traveler” with me this weekend at the campsite.

Busy Week

This past week has been pretty busy.  Anna had her spring concert at the High School, Band Banquet, and Played at the Baseball Game.  My pictures of the concert turned out really blurry (go figure, it was dark in there)…

Last Performancxe 002 Last Performancxe 001

Pictures of the Band Banquet:

Pictures of the Ball Game:

Well, it’s final… she’s in the band and it’s in writing

There is always some level of comfort in seeing things in writing.  Anna got a call today from the co-director in charge of the OSU Percussion telling her that the deal was sealed and the final list of people who made the percussion section were listed on the (see below).  She was extremely pleased!!!

Mr. Bovenschen also commented that most of the ensemble enjoyed her second audition video… I take that to mean that she will be hearing more about it in August (the video that is).


Prom Night 2009

Well, it Anna’s senior prom… She looks so grown up!  I think they’ll have a good time.

Anna’s Second Oklahoma State Audition

Anna was up late last night putting together her second audition tape.  I know that she was not happy with it but I did not think it was too bad… but then I"m her dad.