2,700 Miles, 1 Audition, and a successful outing

We drove out to Stillwater, Ok from PA on Wednesday night with a stop over in Bartlesville, OK.  We left at 6 PM on Wednesday evening and arrived in B-Ville around 5 PM Local time (24 hours of driving).  The following morning we drove the 1 and 45 min to Stillwater.  We checked out some areas of the campus and then checked in with the director of the percussion unit.  They were very nice and got Anna set up with a practice room.  Anna needed to download some updated music and print it and work a couple of things out and then she set about practicing.  It was great to see her older brother help her out and show her around… it was really a comfort to know that Mason was looking out for her.

She met some members of the band that were also there to practice for the following day.  Saturday was a long day for Anna and I’m sure it was full of stress, but at the end of the day, she learned that she would be accepted to the OSU Band as a member of the Pit.  She still needs to send an Audition tape; however, they concluded that she had what it takes… which was very exciting to hear.  It mad her dad (me) very proud.  I know that she has some tough decisions yet to make, but I hope that this gave her the confidence boost that she needs to know that if she puts her mind to it and work at it she can make things happen that seem daunting at first.


The Drive to Oklahoma…

We will be making the drive out to Oklahoma for the weekend… it will be a quick 24 hour drive each way.  Anna got through the first round of auditions for a position in the OSU Marching Band’s Pit… this weekend they have a “clinic” for percussionists.  Since she will not be able to get back to OSU for the May 2nd second round auditions, she may have to audition this weekend or get to submit the second on video, but we aren’t quite sure yet.  I clipped a copy of the web page:

OSU Percussion 1

A good weekend camping

We spent four nights over at Codorus State Park camping.  I always find that relaxing to just camp and chill out.  We got there on Friday morning and had a really good day…  we checked out a couple of my letter boxes and just enjoyed a nice day.  Friday night we had a nice campfire and enjoyed the evening.  As night fell, we begin to get some showers.   It rained all night and into mid-day on Saturday.  Saturday night we cooked some steaks, carrots, and potatoes on my .  It was a good meal!  Sunday I cook roast chicken in my Dutch Oven with potatoes, carrots, and stuffing.  I made a broth to supplement the stuffing.  

Except for Saturday, which was rainy, we had pretty nice days in the 50’s or 60’s.  The nights were kind of cold.. 40’s the first night, 30’s the second night and 20’s the last night.  It get’s kind of chilly when camping in a trailer with tent ends…  but manageable!   I’m still one happy camper!


Tonight I ran my letterbox and log book over to a local Cub Scout Pack, they are going to learn about letter boxing.  They are doing a family camp out at Codorus next weekend.

Camping at Codorus State Park

Opening day of camping season is this Friday…. After a couple of busy weeks, I’m looking forward to a weekend of camping and letterboxing and in general relaxing.   Last week we had the Jazz Fest with the High School Jazz Band (and guests).  It was a long couple of days, but fun.  We’ve also been working with a client to upgrade some systems over the past couple of weeks and it’s kept us extremely busy… so I”m looking forward to a few days for R&R.

Tonight I picked up the Rail Trail Letterbox (A.K.A Rail Trail Express) to share with a Cub Scout Pack over in Stewartstown, PA.  They want to learn about letterboxing and do a hunt on the weekend of the 17th at Codorus.

I’m planning on having my personal Traveler with me this coming weekend at the campsite with the Oklahoma State Items.

I promised Anna that I would only take a couple of pictures:

Image000 Image001