Two Second Place Awards at KIDA Championships – A nice way to go out!

Yesterday, we took two second place awards away from the Championships.  The first one for the Drumline in the morning show and the second was with the Color Guard during the evening show.  It was a nice way to end up our final competitive outing with the band and our Daughter.  I think that she was feeling a bit sad, since this will be her last High School Competition.

Time to sleep….

I’ve decided that I’ve had enough work for one evening… I’ve done about as much good (smiling here) as I can do for one day.  I’m still not quite where I need to be with this project, but I’m at the point of making really dumb mistakes.  So, best judgment says time to get shut eye and come back to it in the morning.

Maybe my sunny disposition will be on the other side of this night smile_zipit

The Ultimate Correction?

There comes a time when one readily admits defeat… In the past when having this thought it would be with respect to an employee or project that despite my best efforts were beyond my ability to repair / resolve the issue.  This is that point where you come to the realization that no mater what you do the situation is not going to improve…. and the best thing to do is part ways.

I find myself in that same frame of reference with a very different situation.  Tonight this is a more introspective thought!  Unfortunately for me, I’m one of those employees that’s loyal to a fault and I have a hard time separating myself from what I do.  I’m the kind of guy that works a 20 hour day on his last day at a job to pack up and ship off a Data Center, because I need to see a job through to conclusion.  It seems like the right thing to do… so how long is too long, where do you draw the line and say that you’ve had enough?

The adjectives that seem to come to mind are: overwhelmed, burned out, negative, depressed, fatigued.  I feel like I’ve lost my pleasant demeanor and sunny disputation… I’m feel like I’m not the person I want to be at the moment and don’t quite know how to get back to that place where I feel productive in a positive way and making contributions that count. 

Well… here’s to hoping that tomorrow will be a better day smile_sniff

Weekends go way too fast

Friday evening we went out to dinner with some friends at a place called “Geezers” in Loganville, PA.  It’s kind of a neat place where they have live music and serve some pretty decent food.  Dinner will run you about $ 7 and there is a $10 cover charge for the band.  You can bring your own wine if you like and the atmosphere is nice.  It’s an Antique Shop (about 4 floors worth) and they have a small area on the first floor that is a restaurant.  Friday night they had the playing at the venue and they are really good (we’ve seen them there before).  Anna went with us and had a blast…. they let her go into the main part of the Antique Shop () and wander around and shop while we finished dinner and talked.  She had a great time.

Saturday, we spent the day around the house for the most part.  We had a friends daughter over in the afternoon and we took her for a ride down to Baltimore to see IKEA and then stopped off at California Pizza Kitchen on the way home.  That was and enjoyable afternoon.

Sunday we made camping reservations for for opening weekend (April 10) and I’m really looking forward to getting the camper out.  After getting that squared away, we drove over there to re-place my Turkey Day Letterbox.  I also put a new Hitchhiker out “Return to Sender” while I was there.  We walked the Mary-Ann Furnace Trail and enjoyed a nice spring day.  There is not too much color yet, but hopefully before long it will look more like spring.

Last Week

Last week was pretty busy… we went back over to on Thursday for a second look with a friend of Anna’s (they are thinking about being room mates next year).  It was a good visit and I had Anna check on her application status (good thing).  It seems like they were missing a couple of things that they should have had.  It took Anna a couple of days to get it straightened out, but it looks like they have what they need now to process her application.  So it seems at the moment, it will be Oklahoma State University or .

Saturday, we had Drumline all day…  two competitions up near Harrisburg.  So we left the house a little before 7 am and got home around 11:30 pm… long day, but it’s fun seeing the kids having so much fun.  We performed at Red Land High School and at Conestoga Valley High School (in the circuit).

I also got my Turkey Day Stamp back last week (Stamp Only)… so it looks like the log book is a casualty.  I was able to find the bottom of the letterbox (Tupperware container) over in the woods a couple of weekends ago, but that was the only trace I could find after hunting around for 30 min or so.  At this point I’ve got the box reassembled and ready to be re-deployed.   I just need to make it back over to Hannover.  I’ve also been working on a new stamp and have the carving just about finished up.  I’m thinking I’d like to place that out there… but maybe on a different trail.  I’ve also got a HH just about ready to release as well.  I get going in fits and sprits… so hopefully I can maintain focus to get these guys out this month.

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A nice day to watch planes come and go

I went out to the York Airport () today to watch planes come and go for a while.  It was a perfect day (a little windy maybe for a small plane) to watch with a temp around 75.  Its was a really nice afternoon.  I got some nice snaps of a good sized jet landing.

I had lunch at the airport restaurant and then headed home.  As we left the airport, there was a Bell 47 that was flying the pattern.  He came around about three times and when we left he was “taxing” back to the FBO.

When I got home, I helped Bethany wax the car and then we watched some TV.

Warmer Weather is nearing!!!

Yesterday we had a high of 62 degrees and today is supposed to be in the lower 70’s.   I put the battery in the camper and started charging it up a bit so I can start to check out all my systems in there and get ready to take that very first trip of 2009.  I still need to decide where to…. if anyone has some ideas for “Must See” camping places on the east cost for around the end of March, I’d love to hear about them.  Right now, I’m thinking about a 4 day trip (a long weekend) would be a good bet within a couple of hours of the Metro Baltimore Area.  We had gone down to Virginia a couple of years ago in the early spring (Westmoreland State Park) and had a good time.  That’s not a bad drive from where I live.

Today I think will be a clean up the camper kind of day and possibly a small road trip to just do some back road driving / sight seeing.  I tried to convince Anna to go out to the Airport and “hang out” for a while but she did not seem all that interested in going (or at least with me), so I’m not going to push I’m going to just let it happen.  I’m thinking that she has changed her mind about flying and is just not wanting to tell me… but I guess we’ll see.  I think that actions speak volumes.