KIDA drum line competitions

Last weekend we had two drum line competitions in one day.  It was a long day… we arrived at our School about 6:00 AM and loaded up the trailers and left our school at 6:45 AM to head over to Waynesboro High School (about an hour and a half away).  We Scored 66.0 at the .  We were the only group in our division at this show.

The second show was at and we scored 65.3 (a 3rd place showing for this show).   So overall not a bad day for the drum line.  Our indoor guard did much better taking first place in the Greencastle show in their division.  Unfortunately, the camera battery died during the warm ups for the second show.

The weather was great and the day was good, but long.  I was so beat on Sunday that it was difficult to get going.


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Turkey Day Letterbox

I got a note today form a person that was searching for a Geocache and found my letterbox apparently spread around the trail.  I’m not exactly sure what the condition is… it sounded like they found part of the container and the stamp.  I’m hoping that the log book is there (and that it’s not too badly damaged if it is).  They offered to mail it to me so that I can repair it and place it back out.  Right now I hoping that I can get it back out sometime in March.  I’m thinking that I’ll move it to a new location as well.

I’ve had a couple of other boxes go missing and it’s kind of said when you loose one that you’ve put the effort into hand carving the stamp for, but I guess that part of the risk you take when you set one out. 

I’m so happy that he found it!  My sincere thanks to Team Might Cache!

A day in Gettysburg

We ran over to Gettysburg today to spend some time tramping around.  The was having it’s grand opening and was free to the public this weekend.  We decided to take a ride and go see it.    While the house is very nicely restored, I did not feel that it was quite worth the $6.50 / Adult admission price.  They had several nice exhibits and a couple of video presentations.  The house is two rooms upstairs and two rooms downstairs.   We spent about a half-hour walking through the house.

I got a picture of the bed that Lincoln Slept in while he was there.  This is where Lincoln finished the Gettysburg Address.  This house is in the center of down town right off the circle.

Gettysburg 002

We also stopped over to see the new visitors center… it’s hard to believe that the old one has been shut down.   We did not really go into many of the exhibits because it was pretty late in the day, but we looked around  and saw a couple of things and then decided that we’d come back another day.  We bought some clove candy on the way out (love that stuff).

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York College of Pennsylvania

Today we took a campus tour of to take a look with Anna.  The campus was nice and they seem to have upgraded several facilities.   Anna did not like the fact that you needed to walk a residential area (about three / four blocks) to get from one side of campus to the other.  We saw a dorm room and were not very impressed with the room.  That room left a lot to be desired.  Right now I think that she will either be going away to Oklahoma State University or commuting to Penn State York.


If you set VERY LOW expectations of some people, you may minimize your disappointments and occasionally get pleasantly surprised!

And this thought tells a story…..

Time at the airport

I took a ride yesterday… it was sunny and like 28 degrees here… but the sun felt good.   There was little to now wind and I decided to take a ride out to the local airport and see what was flying.  It was not really very busy, but there were a few plains running.

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