Disney Trip Wrap-up

It’s been too long since I started… I had interned to provide an account of Day 2 and Day 3; however, it’s been just crazy this past month at home.  The project that I’m working on (at work) has just gone bonkers and between home and work there has been not time to post.

I’m sitting up at the local airport () tonight while Anna takes her final ground school class.  Over the past couple of weeks, I would use the two hours to get some project type stuff done for work…. but tonight I decide that I’m going to make a post.  I’m listening to the air-ambulance (Med Stat) run up the chopper right now.  When its cold out (it’s 24 degrees here now) they need to go out and run the chopper up every few hours to keep everything keep everything warm enough incase they get a call they don’t have to sit and bring everything up to an operating temperature before they can depart.

At any rate, I wanted to post the final two days of our Disney Trip and say what a great time we had.  The trip back was tough after being at Epcot all day and then driving the 14 hours back to PA.  I’m posting my other two groups of pictures as photo albums.


Eagle Dad’s campout

Mason and I ran out the the Eagle Dad’s Campout at Camp Tuckahoe in Dillsburg.  We went out in the late afternoon and visited for a bit had some dinner with the guys and then headed back to the house.  It would have been nice to be able to go out for the whole weekend, but we had a commitments on Saturday morning.

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