York Airport (THV)

Tonight it looked like the weather might get a bit “yucky” out and Bethany said that there was some sleet around 4:30.  She was not sure that Anna should go to her class tonight because of the potential for bad weather.  So, I took the kid-o up to the York Airport for her ground school class.


While there is not much to do, they do have wireless internet and I was able to connect to work and get some things done.  There was a really cool King Air that came in while I was sitting there that must have dropped off 10 passengers at the airport.  That was pretty cool… these guys came in and the airport was pretty much a ghost town except for these guys.  Then about 20 min later, the STAT MedEvac departed the airport… they were gone about 20 min and then came back.  I think that they must have circled the airport a couple of times before finally landing and coming back inside the airport.  There were a couple of other planes that landed, but none of them had folks come through the terminal area.

Both of Anna’s instructors stopped by to visit with me and let me know what a great job she was doing with her ground school.  They said that she was really picking it up well and retaining the knowledge.   There was another woman pilot that was there helping out with the class and she also stopped by later and basically told me the same things… the flying is fun, but the book work is not so much fun and she seems to be doing the not so much fun stuff well….  Which was really nice to hear. 


Christmas Shopping

Friday we had flurries and snow squalls come through the area.  It made the roads here a real mess… that’s unusual for this area of the country.  It was the kind of snow that left just enough white on the round to be a problem… and the roads got icy quick.  I think it caught the road crews here by surprise.

Today, Bethany and I got out and did our Christmas shopping for the kids.  It was a long day, but is pretty much done.  We got it hope and wrapped before Anna got home from work.  I’m really glad to have this behind us!

Trip to West Chester University

On Thursday, we went over to so Anna could visit .   We got there a bit early and we were able to walk a couple doors down from the admissions building and enjoy the Student Union.  We sat down in the lounge and watched it snow for a bit… it was a light snow and it was very enjoyable to be out and about in this type of weather.

Image000 Image001

The campus was really nice and we enjoyed the tour; however, I wish that they would have broken the tour into two smaller groups since there were two tour guides.  I think that the prospective students could have gotten much more out of it.   Anna was less than thrilled with the dorm room; however it was difficult to judge it with 20 people in a 10 X 14 space.  When we visited Oklahoma State University last year, she was able to see some of the different types of housing.  I think that OSU did a better job of selling the residential life aspects of college.  Anna did say that she did have a favorable impression of the campus.

We left and started to head back to York… I took a detour in Lancaster and we drove up 501 to the .  We had lunch at , which is just off the terminal and has a runway view.   I thought this would be a fun place to have lunch.  Bethany was not as excited… she always thinks that I have an alternate agenda.  I just think it’s cool to be able to watch planes come and go… I could hang out at the airport all day and just observe.

After lunch, we made a quick stop at .  It was kind of a drive by tour to see if Anna had any interest in doing a tour there… and the answer was “no, not really”.  So we headed for home, west on PA 999.   I also enjoy driving the back roads when possible just to see the countryside.

We made one more final stop on the way home… !   Bethany always sends some out at Christmas to family in Oklahoma.  Since we were so close, we stopped into the factory store and bought about 8 lbs of candy.  $75 later, we were driving down the highway!

Cold Weather

Well the cold weather has finally settled in…  over the past week we’ve had some really cold weather for this time of year.   Early in the week my small pond looked like this….

Image000 Image002

It’s a little hard to see but there is ice that has formed where the water comes out the top.  Water is still flowing, but it has a sheet of ice under the water as it comes out of the top of the fountain.

Anna – Ground School, Lesson 5

Last night Anna came home very enthusiastic after class.  She had a good day both at College and Ground School. 

She did a Paper about flight deck crews being able to carry weapons in the cockpit during commercial flights.  Her instructor is an acquaintance with a commercial airline pilot and he let the pilot read her paper.  He, the pilot, gave her high marks for understanding the issue and covering all sides of the controversy.  In the end, he said that she hit the nail on the head and he was in agreement with her position in the paper.  She got a A+ on the paper and the name an number of someone in the industry that offered to be a future reference for her on her term paper for the same class.  She was just on cloud nine.

Then to make things even better, she had a really good conversation with some of the instructors for the Ground School Class.  She has been thinking about majoring in Aviation at college ().  I’ve tried to steer her away from that… a Business Degree would be much better (it gives you more options).  It seems like her instructors gave her the same advice and pointed out the pitfalls of banking all of her future on a college degree for a commercial pilot.  They ran down several options that would get her to what she wanted to do for a future career and still keeping her options open.  They were going to talk more about it at the next class.

One of the other really exciting things is that she really wants to fly helicopters… it just so happens that the flight school at the York Airport () has one on order to start giving rotorcraft lessons in the spring.  She was so excited she was about to burst when she got home.  I think her whole world just changed over night. They know that she would like to be an EMS pilot and they managed to arrange for her to have a conversation with some of the EMS Crew there about how they got to be EMS pilots.

On a side note, I think that she really enjoys the people there.  There are several women that have taken her under their wing so to say and seem like they are also giving her some sage advice.  I’m really glad that she is doing this and hope that she continues to follow her dreams!


Cavalcade of Band Championships



Last night was the … We were one of the last two bands to perform last night.  The weather was starting to get cooler and sprinkle as we took the field.  While this was not one of our best performances, the kids did a really good job.  I think we were all a little off for some reason.  We scored third in or grouping… so we all feel good about that but we had wished for so much more.

I’m a little sad (not due to the score) because this was our last outing with the Marching Band in competition… since our daughter graduates this year, our involvement with the Marching Unit will diminish.   We have said that we would help out if needed… but at the same time, you want to make sure that others have the same opportunity to enjoy and share that time with their kids.  I can’t begin to tell you what a great time I’ve had with both my son and my daughter and being with them and their friends.

I understand that we will also have a competitive indoor drum line this winter, so we will still have some activities with the band, but they are not on the same scale as the Marching Band.  I did not get to take many pictures last night due to our late start.

2008 Calavlcade of Bands Championships 0022008 Calavlcade of Bands Championships 003 2008 Calavlcade of Bands Championships 004 2008 Calavlcade of Bands Championships 006 2008 Calavlcade of Bands Championships 008 2008 Calavlcade of Bands Championships 009 2008 Calavlcade of Bands Championships 011


USSBA Nationals

Last night was the and we placed 3rd out of 19 bands.  It was quite the impressive venue playing at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium!  I know that before the show we felt that we would be very pleased to break into the top half of the field… some of the other bands had very impressive shows.

These are some pictures from the warm up area.

USSBA Nationals 001 USSBA Nationals 002 USSBA Nationals 003 USSBA Nationals 009 USSBA Nationals 018 USSBA Nationals 019 USSBA Nationals 025 USSBA Nationals 013USSBA Nationals 029

These are pictures when we moved to the staging area prior to going on..

 USSBA Nationals 035 USSBA Nationals 031USSBA Nationals 032 USSBA Nationals 033 USSBA Nationals 034

We are now down on the field… the next band to perform

USSBA Nationals 036 USSBA Nationals 037 USSBA Nationals 038

Taking the field

USSBA Nationals 040 USSBA Nationals 042 USSBA Nationals 039 USSBA Nationals 043


USSBA Nationals 046 USSBA Nationals 045

USSBA Nationals 049

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