Video of our show last weekend (indoor due to rain) at Southwestern

This is in three parts.  Most of the bancs do a “stand still” performance when their field show moves inside.  That’s true for the most part until you get to Part 3.  Take a listen and let me know what you think….

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


Anna – Ground School, Lesson 3

Today was the third class for Anna’s ground school over at the York Airport ().  She really enjoys the people in class and seems to be having lots of fun.  She said that she now understands the instruments much better now and she is now putting together some of the comments her instructor made when she was flying.  The Ground School instructor pulled her aside tonight during the break and told her he was impressed with her attitude and her speaking up whenever she did not clearly understand something.  They felt that she was really doing a good job with the class and they felt that she was putting things together and asking questions that were relevant.

Being that this is something that get you killed… these are good things to hear as a parent.  I’d really like to go and sit in one night and just take it in a bit… dad just wants to see for himself that she’s putting it together.

Well, she is as excited as ever about flying and aviation in general.  An she seems to be applying herself to do something that she wants to do for herself.  I’m truly proud of her for that!

Another good band outing

I took the other trailer over and got it inspected on early in the week.  It was in better shape that the fist one… so the cost was a little less.

Friday, was a strange day… seemed like everyone was just off a bit.  I got there later than I wanted to get the trailer hooked up and loaded.  The evening was rushed getting started, it was an away football game.

We got to the school and there was no one to tell us where to take the band trailers we ended up in an ally behind the field on the street.  The entrance that we were using to get the pit equipment in and how had three ambulances stationed there which made it next to impossible to get our stuff into the field.  They (the ambulance drivers) were good about moving around to get us into the field.  We are a bit of an anomaly in that we have a large amount of pit percussion equipment on wheels that we pull behind our tractor.  This makes it challenging some days.

After getting the basic equipment to the staging area, we started to get our props ready and realized that we forgot the covers for the shields and it was too windy for the banners.  So we went on without any props other than the ones that the kids use during the performance.  We did half-time and packed up…. but it took a bit longer than normal to get it all in the trailers.  We actually arrived back at the school after the band busses (another unusual item).

Saturday rained all day… just buckets of rain.  We had a competition over at Southwestern in Hannover.  It was supposed to stop raining around 5- 6 PM and it was unclear if it would be a field show or an indoor show when the kids started to practice.  The director had them practicing in the Gym and they were able to modify the outdoor show and adapt it to the Gym, so rather than have a stand still performance, we had a semi-marching show in the Gym.  I took some shots while they were practicing in our Gym.

Image010 Image009  Image008Image011  Image013 Image006

They made the call to change it from a field show to an indoor show around 3 PM.   So all that indoor practice really paid off in the end.  We won first place in our class and had the highest score in the show.  We took High Music and High Percussion in addition to first place.  So we were feeling really good about the outing in general. 

Next week we have a football game and a show on the same day (Saturday) because the football team we play does not have lights on it’s field.   So it will be a hectic weekend at best.

Anna – Ground School, Lesson 2

Anna got home from the airport as excited as ever… she told me that her instructor “dropped into class” tonight on a parachute.  Ok… so you want to believe your kids, but I find this difficult to believe, but then again completely fascinating if true.  I may need to attend class my self.

She was feeling a little behind after the first class, but felt that she did very well tonight and that her studying had paid off.  She was able to answer all of the questions correctly except for one when they were going around the room at the end of class.  She said that she even felt confident that she knew the answers to the questions asked of others except for a few. So I’m thinking that is a very good thing.  She was going to go back over the material and re-review some of the areas where she did not feel as confident about yet.

Her instructor was able to locate her log book (another good thing) so she will actually get credit for the flying that she did before.  I know that she will need to “start from scratch” with the learning part, but in terms of accumulating hours, she paid for those flights and she should get credit for them in her log book.  Or at least that’s the way I see it.

Anna has a friend that is interested so I think that we may see about taking a ride out to the airport on Sunday morning and have some breakfast and watch the planes come in for awhile (assuming that the weather is nice).


Saturday at the band competition, I made the Chili (seen in the blue pot on the grill) for the tail gate party.  Next time, I think I’m going to add more meat 🙂



4 lbs ground meat
2 Onions
48 oz Tomato Juice
1/2 tsb Salt
1/4 tsb pepper
3 tbl Chilli Powder
1 can chili beans
1 can kidney beans
2 Cubes of beef bullion
1 brick of cream cheese

Chop onion in small pieces and saute in a skillet with some butter.

Add ground meat with onions and brown meat.

add other ingredients to a lager pot and start it simmering
(Note: if adding cream cheese, slice and cut into smaller chunks to help it to melt)

add drained ground beef to the pot as the meat becomes done.

Simmier mixtrue for a couple of hours


Last night was the State Championship Show at Hersey.  This is not our normal competition circuit, so we were not sure what to expect.  We’ve been to Hershey before with Cavalcade but not with .   We were expecting this to be a good exercise to get ready for the Cavalcade show it three weeks.

The interesting thing was that we won 1st place (completely unexpected).  We got really good feed back from the judges.  The kids now want to go to the Nationals in a couple of weeks to see how we do there.

Hear are the SCORES:

USSBA PA State Band Competition 001 USSBA PA State Band Competition 004 USSBA PA State Band Competition 002 USSBA PA State Band Competition 005 USSBA PA State Band Competition 007 USSBA PA State Band Competition 006

Following our performance, the kids when to Chocolate World for dinner and shopping before returning to the stands and the Pit Crew went back to the trailers to put away gear and have a cook out.

USSBA PA State Band Competition 011 USSBA PA State Band Competition 012 USSBA PA State Band Competition 013 USSBA PA State Band Competition 014 USSBA PA State Band Competition 015

Senior Night

Friday night was Senior Night and our last home football game.  It’s kind of sad to think that this will be Anna’s last home football game at SHS High School.  She is really having a ball with her Senior Year.

We got to the School early so we could get the Marching Band’s Pit Equipment (A.K.A. “The Train”) put together and ready to go on the field.  There are a several parents that help out with the Pit Equipment that have Seniors this year and before the football game the allow all the seniors and their parents to cross the field and the do a short ditty about what the student plans to do in the future.

When we got there, we discovered that we had a really bad blow out on one of the equipment trailers.


Seinor Night 001 Seinor Night 002 Seinor Night 003

After the trailer repair, we went and lined up to cross the field… we had a perfect fall evening for the event.  I’m really proud of Anna and the things that she has chosen to do.

Seinor Night 004 Seinor Night 005

Seinor Night 006 Seinor Night 010 Seinor Night 012 Seinor Night 013 Seinor Night 014 Seinor Night 016 Seinor Night 017 Seinor Night 018