In Florida

I’m working at a client site for a few days near Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  The first day is always a long one… when you’re up at 3 AM to catch the flight and put in a long day at the client site you just kind of pooped at the end of the day.  I was hoping to catch some local letterboxes while I’m here.  There are a couple within about eight miles of where I’m staying; however, by the time we got done last night it was starting to get dark outside.  Probably not the best time to be searching for a trail.

I’m hopeful that today we might be able to wrap up early and I can get out before it’s dark and at least snag one!

Another nice weekend at Codorus

We had another nice camping weekend at !  We had site 142 in the non-electric pet area.  This is one of my favorite sites in the hole park.  It’s large and you have room to spread out on the site and your not looking in someone’s windows next store. The fist night was actually kind of chilly (the wife and daughter had three blankets on each).  You would think it was winter or something… but temps down in the 50’s are just darn nice as far as I’m concerned.  We took off a Thursday and Friday last week and I pulled the camper out on Tuesday night (It’s close enough that we can do that) and then we just headed out on Wednesday after work.

Thursday, we went over to Gettysburg and did some “back to school” shopping at the outlet mall after sleeping in late.  It’s really nice to hear the night sounds without other campers all around you… nature just seems that much closer.  It was pitch dark too… which I really like.  On Friday, my battery in the camper died… important when camping without electric to keep the food cold in the camper.  So off to town I went to get another battery.  That chore done and then the battery lead broke, so back to town to get that part.  Once all the repairs were done, we took a boat ride with Stupid (the dog) and the rest of the family.  We wanted to rent a pontoon boat… but they don’t allow pets on those… so we rented a v-bottom skiff to see the lake and took stupid with us (she’s part of the family… just has more hair).  After the boat ride, we cooked up a roast (with potatoes, carrots, and onion) and make some roles in the Dutch oven… that’s good eating.  It all came out really good!

Here are some campsite shots.

August (Mid) 2008 Snaps 015 August (Mid) 2008 Snaps 016 August (Mid) 2008 Snaps 018 August (Mid) 2008 Snaps 019

On Saturday, Beth had some things to do with Band Boosters and Anna had to work, so it was just me a stupid at the camp site.  We carved some new letterbox stamps and put the finishing touches on PA Corn (Hitch Hiker) before we set it free at the Camping at Codorus Hitch Hiker Hostel.  Stupid and I hiked over there from the camper and then took stock of the various HH’s in the box.

August (Mid) 2008 Snaps 012

We had to wait a bit before we could put the box back because there was a ranger and another staff person watching us about the time we got done.  Once the ranger left and another camper pulled up to check in we put the box back in it’s hiding place with our new HH inside.  Once back at the camper, it was time for lunch….Stupid has a knack for letting me know she’s hungry… and my food is usually better than hers!

On Thursday morning when we were eating breakfast out on the picnic table, it looked like there had been a party in this site, just general trash and stuff about (or could be messy campers).  But while eating lunch under the awing looking at the campsite next to us I noticed evidence that there must have been a wild time here not long ago.

August (Mid) 2008 Snaps 014a

This was hanging about 8 feet above the picnic table on the adjacent site (143).  There were two different families that occupied the site (one arriving on Friday staying one night, the other arriving on Saturday afternoon late).  Neither looked like they would be the owner of such fashionable attire.  One could only imagine what went on the weekend before.

Sunday was quite, we packed up early and headed back to town.  I found out over the weekend that I need to make a business trip to Florida on Tuesday so we thought we’d get home and get things squared away.  We did get to check on the Love Letter Letterbox on Sunday night and I dropped off the Hitch Hiker (Make a Wish) that I picked up on Saturday.

Camping Trip was too short….

We had a good time camping this past weekend.  As usual, it was way too short a trip!  On Thursday evening, I pulled the camper out and set up.   I had rain over night for about an hour and it cooled off tremendously.  I really enjoy listening to the sound of the rain hitting the top of the tent ends on my camper… it’s extremely relaxing.

Friday night I got back to the camper around 6 PM and was able to get my coal going smile_teeth.  We cooked up some Steaks, Corn, Baked Potatos, and of course my apple pie.

Codorus State Park Aug 2008 017 Codorus State Park Aug 2008 018 Codorus State Park Aug 2008 016 Codorus State Park Aug 2008 020 Codorus State Park Aug 2008 021

So it was all good…  Just nothing like being able to drag out all the cast iron and cook in it!   The Apple Pie turned out good…. I think I could have cooked it a tad bit longer to make the crust brown up some more.  But it was hot and it ate good.  We had a good rain on Friday night again… not to long, about 2 hours or so… but it was nice to listen too.

On Saturday, we got up and had a late breakfast and then hiked around the park checking on my letterboxes.  I checked on all six of them and replaced some of the protective bags and enjoyed reading the log books.  We were going to cook a roast in the Dutch Oven on Saturday night, but the storm clouds started to roll in and they had all kinds of severe thunderstorms warnings up that we decided to make a stew / soup inside the camper.  We did so and enjoyed the storms.  The campground lost power and we lit some candles and had dinner.

I ran over to pick up our daughter and bring her back to the campsite.  She had dinner and then the lights came back on…. we worked on some of her band project for a while and then went to bed.  On Sunday, we had breakfast and then the girls headed home and I cleaned up the camper and packed up the campsite.

I’m camping…..

I made it out to Codorus State Park tonight…  Anna had to work tonight (she found out at the last moment that the schedule had changed since last Sunday) 4:30 – 9 PM.  So Beth decided to stay home and let me take off for the camp ground and get things set up.  She is going to come out tomorrow night after Anna get’s off work (another 4:30 – 9 PM shift).

So, I was thinking that I would have a nice quite evening at the camp site..  I’ve been out hear a couple of times when it was like that… me and a handful of others in the whole campground.  I love it when it’s like that… it’s so dark and all you hear are the crickets and maybe a pop or crackle from your campfire.  Well,  I arrived to find that I had folks on the sites around me.  Not really a bad thing; however, it was not the picture that I had in my head.

I got the camper all set up and the cast iron out and ready to use…. I’m pretty much set cooking wise.  I’m going to make an apple pie in my Dutch oven tomorrow night.  I’m going to try and take some pictures during the process.  I hope it works out as good as the last one!

I finished up some work for tomorrow so maybe I can get out of the office a bit early and head on over to the campground.