Camping this weekend

We are going to make a run over to this weekend.  My toe is finally doing better and I’m getting around like normal.  I think we have a pretty nice site it’s an end site in the pet loop with electric.  That’s really great this time of year because if it get too oppressive in the afternoon, you can run the air and get out of the heat and humidity for a bit.  I’m hoping to get a little bit of camp cooking in while we are there.  We are pulling out on Thursday night and we are going to drive into work from the camp on Friday.

I’m hoping that I can bake another apple pie while we are out there…. I have all the stuff to make it, because I was not able to make it last trip.   I’d also really like to do a little fishing while we’re there…. but my wife is not one to enjoy sitting around (mostly the type of fishing I like to do).  I know that she would like to take a boat ride on the lake; however, that is more of a pleasure cruise.  Anyway, we’ll see how that all goes.

I also need to do some letterbox maintenance this weekend and check on my Codorus boxes!


Gimpy at best

On Saturday Night (June 28th) I stubbed my toe during the night… did not think much of it at the time.  I performed the usual jumping around a swearing at myself… On Sunday Morning I could barely walk.  I spend the rest of the weekend with my foot up, with ice on it.  The swelling would go down over night; however, after walking on it at all it would begin to swell again.  By Wednesday evening last week my big toe was the size of a small Roma tomato… It was pretty gross.  I decided to go to the Dr… I was pretty sure that I broke it, but that was not the case.  X-Rays showed not broken bones.  The Dr. had me stay home from work and keep it elevated (Thurs – Sunday).. 800 MG of ibuprofen every 6 – 8 hours. 

I Spent the weekend sleeping and keeping the foot out of action.  I was amazed at how much nothing there was on TV.  I feel like the holiday weekend was a total waste…. I hate that.  By Sunday, it was almost looked like a normal toe again.  Still hurts to walk on it much… but it’s no where near as bad as it was on Wednesday!