Camping This weekend – Susquehanna State Park, MD

The family is headed out to Oklahoma for a week… I’m staying behind to keep up the the dog (A.K.A. Stupid) and some of my work projects.  One thing that I will be able to do is make a quick camping trip (just stupid and I) this weekend out to in Havre de Grace, MD.  I always enjoy checking out a new park and seeing what it has to offer… I’ll be staying in the in one of the electric sites.

I was worried that I would not have my camper back it time… but I got to pick it up today with my bathtub plumbing issue all resolved.  It’s now on the side of the house getting all charged up and the fridge is cooling down getting ready to accept groceries!

I’m thinking about scouting out some spots for some new letterbox placements and working on a couple of stamps that I’ve got in the works.  Beyond that, it should be a weekend of hanging out and working on the act of regenerating ones senses in quite.  Based on the number of trails in the park there should be some good options:

Map of Susquehanna State Park.

I’m thinking about trying to cook some things that I normally don’t get to do when the whole faintly is there.  I’m still thinking apple pie in the Dutch Oven again… that was just too good last time.  A hot piece of pie and a scope of ice cream on Friday night is just the thing to complete setting up camp.

I’m also thinking Rabbit Stew (Wegman’s sells rabbit in their meat section).  I was also thinking about doing something with Lamb… but not sure yet.  And I’m thinking about the baked white onion with beef bullion.


The Beach was the plan….

We had planned a camping trip over at in Delaware; however,  our daughter was not able got get off work… so we canceled our reservations Friday morning and made some over at .

We had a nice time over the weekend…. I got to do some cooking.  I made an apple pie, and a turkey breast in the Dutch ovens.  Then we cooks Shrimp and Steak the following night

 Image007 Image001Image009

York Revolution Baseball

The marching band had a chance to play the National Anthem prior to the on June 12th.  We loaded up the band trailer and headed downtown by 5 PM.  It was really hot afternoon and all the kids were feeling the heat.  I got some pictures of the kinds warming up.



All I’ve got to say is what a nice park!  We had a great time and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the Your, PA vicinity.

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