Ah… Spring Time in the Motor City

Well, I’m on a plane on Monday to Detroit to help a client with some performance issues on a new server that they’ve installed.  This should be an intrusting trip… performance issues are always intrusting to chase down.  We had a call late yesterday where it was decided that myself and a coworker were going to be the point people and need to be on-site Monday Morning.

I’ve never been to Detroit (longer than to change plains) so I’m not sure what to expect…  It would be nice if I had time to do something fun or see something neat (I love exploring) but some how I think that my work schedule will be the "Dark to Dark" one.  My flight leaves at 6:11 AM from an airport an hour from my house and I’m guessing we will go until at least 8 or 9 PM on Monday with the initial review and fact gathering.


One of the last Marching Band functions for the year is the Memorial Day Parade in Glen Rock, PA.  It’s a really short parade and we practice in a church parking lot for about an hour prior to the parade and the kids turn in winter parts of their uniforms before marching. 

Codours Camping 032

I had a unique perspective this year because I rode in the truck pulling the band trailer on the parade route.

Codours Camping 034

After marching the parade, they turn in the rest of the uniform to be cleaned before next year. 

Codours Camping 035

This was a really nice way to end the weekend.

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Memorial Day Camping

We went out to Codorus State Park last weekend to enjoy a near perfect weekend of camping.  The weather was great!!!! Lows in the 40’s – 50’s and highs in the mid 60’s to low 80’s for the three days we were out there.   While we had to come to town every day to take our daughter to work, it was a short tip and the time in the woods was well worth the effort.  I do so enjoy the smell of a camp fire on a cool night.

Codours Camping 025

Codours Camping 031

We did not use the Dutch ovens even though I brought them.  I was able to season four cast Iron pans that I found in some of my old camping gear.

Codours Camping 029

This took place in my "Easy Bake Oven"

Codours Camping 030

After a round of seasoning pans, I baked a chocolate cake and melted Hershey bars on top as the frosting… add some ice cream to some warm chocolate cake with real chocolate icing and you’ve got a party!

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Excited about camping this weekend

We are camping this weekend over at for the holiday weekend.   I’m really looking forward to the trip…. a weekend out will be nice.  My daughter has to work every day over the weekend, but I think that she will be able to at least spend one night out with us.  I’ve packed up the Dutch Ovens and a small grill and plan to have some fun.

I borrowed a Verizon Wireless Card (PC 5750) from on of the guys at work hoping that I would be able to get an Internet connection from the campground… however, every time I plug it into the PCMCIA slot in the side of my computer Vista blue screens and reboots.  It’ really nasty.  I tried downloading the latest drivers from the web, but still encounter the issue.  I’ve spent a couple of hours on it but I’m at the point of giving up.  The card is Vista compatible (the guy I borrowed it from is running Vista) but I can’t seem to get it to go.

Sick in NJ

We just completed a client install and I was there for three days… the last of which felt like an eternity.   I must have eaten something bad at the hotel for breakfast.  We ate around 7 am and at 10 am I was barfing my guts up.  An that continued right on through 9 PM that night when we left the clients facility.

There is noting worse that trying to be pleasant when all I wanted to do was lay down and sleep between episodes.  We had all checked out of the hotel with it being our last day out, so I could not bail and take a nap.  I just had to keep plugging through at the task and hand and take breaks every 20 min or so and walk down the hall to take care of things.   I kept thinking about one of the kids on my Philmont tip back in 2003.  They got him up at night to move his tent because it looked like there was a tree that could fall on it if the wind blew too hard…. that night after he moved his tent twice, he made the statement… "I’m cold, my feet are wet, in standing out here in my underwear… just kill me now!"   It was more the last part of that quote that I was thinking about.  I had to have one of my co-workers drive me and my car back home… I was not in much shape to drive 2.5 hours at 10 PM.

I feel better today… a little sore and a headache.  I’ve managed a pop tart, a bowl of soup, and a bowl of cereal today.  Nothing else really seems appealing.  I decided to do the "work from home" thing today and that worked out pretty good.  Just finished up my code moves for the evening and am off to bed to get some more shut-eye!

Work, Work, and more work

It’s been really busy at work the past few weeks…. we have several clients that are at the point of going live with our software product and that always makes things hectic.   I’ve not had a chance to really get out much since the Mystery camp.

Yesterday we had two Eagle Scout Ceremonies and a Percussion Ensemble Concert that had us out most of the day (running between events).  Last night and today, I’ve been following the conversion process and helping out where I can.  I’ll be in NJ for the next three days with the post conversion team.

The Misadventures of “Mr. Man”

The Venture Crew has a mascot that travels with us to different places.  His name is "Mr. Man".  This is a GI Joe or Barby type doll and he tends to jump off large cliffs, dive into streams, check out fires and etc.  On our most recent trip, he was given the "Spa Treatment"

It’s interesting to watch 17 year olds come up with the misadventures for Mr. Man!

French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 056French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 057French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 035French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 034

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