Mystery Camp 2008 is done

Well, this years Mystery Camp "To the Moon" is done.  We had a good time and none of the kids figured out where we were going until Friday night as planned.  Friday night we got a bit of a late start… but we managed to get the tents up before it got too dark.   We left the Scout house in Shrewsbury around 6:45 and needed to stop and get some air in one of my tires and then it was off to camp.  We arrived at around 8:20 PM.   We had a small camp fire and cooked some hot dogs, brats, and sour kraut for a late night snack.

We had some early morning rain (around 5 am) but by 6 am it was partly sunny and we had a nice morning.  We made Breakfast Burritos for Breakfast on Saturday and then had Philmont Dinner #5 (Chicken & Rice, Garlic Mash, and Chocolate Pudding), and Spaghetti for dinner.  The meal planning was pretty spot on… we did not have much left over at each meal.   The crew took the troop on a 6 mile hike and they made lunch at one of the picnic sites around the lake before completing the hike.  Following the hike, we had some down time and kicked back… the kinds played Frisbee near the camp site and did not really want to go fishing until it was dark.  By the time they wanted to go it was really too late.  We made a big bone fire instead and the kinds then went and played spot light tag.

It started to rain about 10:30 PM and we had some thunder storms and it just poured buckets all night.  Amazingly, it cleared off about 6 am and we were able to pack up and head home on schedule.

French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 002French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 003French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 004   French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 006French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 010French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 012French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 013French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 014French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 015French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 020French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 023French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 024French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 025French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 030French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 031French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 032French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 044French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 046French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 047French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 050French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 053French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 060 


First Faintly Camping Trip of the Year…

We took our first family camping trip of the year.  We went to it is mid state not far from the Maryland boarder.   It was about a two hour ride from our house and we left a little early (about 3:30) and arrived at the park a little before 6 PM.  We had a great night the weather was picture perfect.  We set up camp had us a quick snack (Cheese Steak Sandwiches) and then went for a walk around the park.

Cowans Gap 001 

We had Campsite 9, in Area A… Our site backed to the stream about 100 yards behind the camper.  I was amazed at the amount of water that was running down the mountain into the gap.  The Gap is nestled between two higher peaks at about 2,100 Ft.

Cowans Gap 004

The picture above is walking towards the entrance to the campground.  As you can see in a month or less this will all be a shaded canopy of trees.  Right now there are many trees that are in bloom, but the ones right in the campground were not yet budding out.  Below are some pictures of the lake.

Cowans Gap 009Cowans Gap 011Cowans Gap 015

The swim beach looks really nice.  I’ll bet this is full in the summers!   We stopped on the way back to the camper and got some pictures with Smokey.  B would like one of these for our house… not sure where it would go, but I could be persuaded.

Cowans Gap 018

Saturday was another fabulous spring day…. it was warm enough for shorts but not too hot.  We had a very cool night over night, well ok it was down right cold.  But then sleeping during a cold night with the promise of a warm day is just great.  We took a ride around to see the area during the afternoon.

We came back and some took naps… I did some repair work on the dogs traveling crate (she tore the screening on one of the sides) and did some fishing in the stream behind the camper with Anna.

 Cowans Gap 023 Cowans Gap 031 Cowans Gap 029 Cowans Gap 028

Fishing Girl Anna… while we did not catch anything, we saw plenty of trout in the stream and there were a number of fish in this deep hole under a pile of logs… we could see them, but could not get them to bite!

Cowans Gap 033 

Later that afternoon, my favorite part of the day… cooking time :).  I made roast chicken in my #14 Dutch Oven.

Cowans Gap 036 Cowans Gap 037

The top got a little dark, but then I just removed all the coals from the top and finished it with heat on the bottom.  And it was good an moist on the inside… I’ll do this again.  Afterwards, we had a nice camp fire and enjoyed another walk around the lake.

Cowans Gap 045 Cowans Gap 041Cowans Gap 042 Cowans Gap 043

Shortly after turning in for the night the rain started and it rained all night.  This morning was on of those mornings where you just lay there an listen to the rain on the roof of the camper and tent ends.  After breakfast we took down and drove home in the pouring rain.  But it looks like it just got worse where we were camping after we left… so our timing was good.

Cowans Gap 049

Weather Map


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Aptera: The ‘Wingless Bird’ – MSN Autos


Call me crazy, but I really like the way this looks… for a commuter car it would not be too bad.  The first prototype got about 260 MPG.  I think that they classify it as an enclosed motorcycle.

ApteraVehicle1Wallpaper ApteraVehicle2Wallpaper

Jazz Fest

Our Band Boosters puts on a Jazz Fest and Coffee House every spring where we invite the jazz bands from the area schools to come play for an evening of fun.  The band boosters server coffee, tea, and Pellman Cakes and Pies during the evenings entertainment.  Band Members from Marching Band and Concert Band are servers during the venting.

We had a full house and a number of Jazz bands that played. I spent the evening in the kitchen cutting pies and cakes.  Last night was the night and it was a great success!