Awards Night

Tonight was the "Awards Night" for the fall activities.  The Marching Band was recognized for their first place finish at the back in November of 2007.  In addition to each member of the band being recognized with a citation from the school district, they had their picture taken with the plaque and trophy.

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Spring / Summer Camping Reservations

I’m starting to make my camping reservations for the summer… last year we did not book some sites soon enough.  So far, we are doing the following:

Gifford Pinchot State Park (TBD) – Lewisberry, PA – April 11 – 12

– Fort Loudon, PA – April 18 – 21

– Hanover, PA – May 23 – 26

– Lewes, DE – June 13 – 15

– Havre de Grace, MD – June 27 – 29

– Watkins Glen, NY – July 11 – 13

TBD – July 25 – 27

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Home Server

The Microsoft Home Server product seems to be up and working well… after some initial trouble getting the secure web services to work (for the remote login portion) all seems well now.  I found two Microsoft KB Articles 941913 and 941914 that appeared to relate to my problem.  You need to request these from Microsoft.  When I ran these hot-fixes, both came up as not needing to be installed; however, afterwards things started working perfectly.  The only thing that I can think is that there was something with the certificate that was corrected by attempting to run the Hot-Fix.

I’ve put some links to the troop site on the home page .

I’m pretty happy with the basic functionality… I wish that it had some better integration with Media Center; however, that seems to be a common complaint.  There are add-ins that seem to provide some of that functionality.

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Tech Fest – Windows Home Server

This past weekend was a virtual "Tech Fest" at my house.  Lots of cabling, moving, installing, and configuring.

I installed a new Windows Home Server (OEM Version) using an old e-Machines PC that we had laying around.   I had to upgrade the hard drive, but 512 MB of ram is plenty to run the server.  It a neat product; although have had a heck of a time getting the remote connectivity parts hooked up and running.  I like the fact that I’ve got "network storage" that has redundancy built into it.  Any of the "Personal Files"  (My Music, My Documents, My Pictures, and etc) stored on it are put on two physical hard drives (in case one crashes).  It’s a nice way to do that.  The PC backups just go to one drive (since they are just a backup of what you have)

I also replaced a Desktop with a new Windows Vista Quad Core machine.  I love the TV Tuner and being able to record shows and such.  My only real disappointment is that it did not support either of the printers that I currently own.  The primary one moved down to the basement on the WHS machine and I purchased a new Dell 948 for the study.

My daughter purchased an XBox 360 with a combination of Christmas Babysitting Money…. we hooked that up in the living room (doubles as a Media Center Extender) for the Vista PC. and ran the cables for that down into the basement and hooked it all into the switch at the WHS.

Monday’s Little Surprise

I’ve not updated much… I’ve been running flat out between work and other things and have not had time to post.

It started with a hectic day at work… rush home, eat dinner in a hurry so we can get off to scouts by 7 PM.  My daughter informs me that she’s going to drive tonight (16 going on 17… but she’s not been all that interested in driving).   So, on the way she drops a couple of little bomb shells… "Dad, I’ve made some decisions" she says.  Ok, I’m thinking… I want to get a job, take my drivers test soon… something along those lines.  Nope… "I’m 99.9999% sure that I’m going to attend Oklahoma State after I graduate".  I’m thinking ok, cool… didn’t see that coming yet.  Then she says, "I’m going to work at Philmont the summer before college starts".  And I’m like in shock going…. you are?  She says yep, I’ve pulled the application down and I’m going to start collecting references tonight for our Scout Master and a couple of people from the troop that have worked there in the past couple of summers.

My daughter is not quite what I would call "outgoing", but she really seamed driven by these ideas.  When we got to Scouts, she sought out Mr. Ken and Mr. Terry to solicit recommendations.  She already seemed to know the requirements and was asking thoughtful questions about what she needed to do now to get prepared to work there (so she’d be more likely to get hired).  She then followed up, touching base with her brother to collect some names of folks that he knows that are Rangers at Philmont so she could talk with them.  I must say that I was pretty darn proud of here… but you could have knocked me over when those things come spilling out of her mouth.

I don’t think that she’s informed her mother of these decisions yet… that should be equally fun to watch.  I think she’ll be just as shocked.

I’m going to try and fill in some of the "gap items" in January / February as I have time.