Holiday Season Draws to a close

The holiday season is finally drawing to a close… while I enjoy the holidays it’s always a very stressful time for me personally.   This year was really no different in that respect.   We took a short family trip (a Day Trip) to New York City just before Christmas.  We went up on the 23rd and spent the day.

We had a neighbor watch our dog; however, I really think that she wanted to go!

NYC DEC 2007 046

When I got to NYC, I usually park over in Jersey City, NJ and then take the into the city.  The PATH will take you right into 33rd street in the shopping district.  We did not stay there long… we hopped on the 1 Train of the and went uptown to 72nd street see the John Lennon memorial in Central Park.  It was a shot walk on a beautiful December day.  Temp were mild and the neighborhood was great.

 NYC DEC 2007 047

After snapping several pictures (below) and purchasing one of Central Park in the snow at a vendor near the entrance to the park, we went back to the subway to catch a train back to Midtown to Rockefeller Center

Image001Image004Image002 Image005

I find the subway fascinating… each station is so different.  The tile work, art, and performers make the subway experience entertaining in and of it self.  I’m sure that it would be different if you did it every day; however, as a tourist it’s fun.

NYC DEC 2007 050 NYC DEC 2007 054 NYC DEC 2007 055 NYC DEC 2007 056

After playing games in the 72nd street station, we went back to Midtown to see the Christmas Tree and then look at some Store windows.  The crowds were amazing… it was packed!

Image006 Image009

We stepped inside the NBC Store to take a look around…  I got to take in the "Office" bobble head collection in the middle of the train display.

 NYC DEC 2007 058

As we headed back outside, the night had become somewhat foggy and the Empire State Building looked beautiful with it spire piercing the fog.  The picture does not do it justice.


First Snow of the Season

It’s starting to feel more like Christmas every day….  This past weekend, we cut down our own Christmas Tree.   We went over the the Whispering Pines Tree Farm in Shrewsbury and whacked down a Douglas Fir Tree and hauled it to the house.  It sure does make the place fragrant!

Today we had our first measurable snow of the holiday season…. We had about 3" when I left the house to go to work around 4:00 PM today and we got another 2" or so far this evening at the office (about 5" total).  I snapped off a couple of quick picks about 1 PM.

Image001 Image002 Image003

And the dog (A.K.A. Stupid) knows what to do on a snowy day!