2478 Miles and 1 week later…

We made the annual trip back west to Oklahoma this week…  We left Shrewsbury, PA around 1 AM and arrived in Bartlesville, OK at 9:30 PM the same day.  We did pretty good, just four stops for the day (Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, and Oklahoma).  It was a long day of Driving!  Yesterday, we made the same run in reverse…. another long day of driving.

While we were in Oklahoma, we took some time out to visit and do a campus tour with Anna to OSU.  On Sunday, we took a day of rest in Bartlesville and visited with family. Monday Anna and I took the short hour and 45 min drive over to Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK.

Image001 - Cimmaron TPK

It was great weather almost 80 degrees on Monday and Tuesday.  We had a university tour set up on Monday morning.  The first part was given as a tour of academic buildings and the second part was given by Residential Life (our very own Mason gave our Residential Life Tour).  It was nice to have our own personal tour guide to follow up the official tours.  After lunch, we had an academic appointment with the college of .  Anna got to visit with them about the

Following our appointment, we got to visit with Mason in his "office"  for the National Residential Life Program ()… He is the Entertainment Chairman for the ’08 conference when it visits OSU in May.

Image005 - Masons Office Image003 - Masons Office Image004 - Masons Office Image006 - Masons Office

We then got to go over and spend some time with Mason in his room at the :

Image007 - Masons Dorm   Image008 - Masons Doorm Room Image009 - Masons Doorm Room

Anna and I spent the night in Hall in of the their guest rooms… which is a great deal.  We had our next academic appointment the following day with the .  We checked in and then went and had dinner at .  After dinner we took a drive over to Gallagher-Iba Arena and checked out it out and got to see some of Boone Pickens Stadium.

 Image016 - Gallagher Image015 - Gallagher Image017 - Gallagher Image014 - Gallagher

Image018 - Boone Pickens Stadium Image020 - Boone Pickens Stadium

On Wednesday, we spent the day out at for a nice group of see the link.  The day we were there it was overcast and it had become cold.  My brother-in-law as deer hunting and we got to visit.

Image000 Image001

Thanksgiving was good… I wish we had some turkey, but it was good just the same.

November 2007 048 November 2007 050 November 2007 051 November 2007 053

On the drive home, we encountered our first "Snow" of the year…  It was really blinding during the drive home in the wee hours of the morning.  Who would have figured that we would encountered our first snow of the year in November in Oklahoma.  We had snow from Bartlesville, OK to Springfield, MO.   We left Bartlesville with an inch of snow on the ground and when we hit Springfield it was more of just slick and wet.  We saw several accidents on the bridges… but then things kind of cleared up after Springfield and the rest of the trip home was uneventful.

Looking better…

My eye is looking better… The swelling and drainage seems to be down significantly today.  I still have a bit of matting from time to time, but it’s feeling much better today.  I look like I’m going to have one heck of a shiner though for Thanksgiving.

 Image000(1) Image002(1)

Jury Duty

My first day of Jury Duty in PA was interesting…. it’s not like Jury Duty in TX.  You are in a Jury pool about about 300 people for the week.  They call panels of 30 people for cases as needed during the week.  There are six judges that are hearing cases and they could call a panel at any time.  If you get called, you go up and are selected or sent back to the Jury Pool…. if you hear the case, when you are done you get sent back to the Jury Pool for the next potential case.

The first day, I was never called for a panel.  It was a long day of sitting and doing not much of anything.  I brought a book from home and read it cover to cover.  I was hoping that it would last a bit longer….  So when we got out, I went to Borders and bought two more books.  Today I got called for one panel and did not get selected.  I’ve read about two-thirds of my first book today.

Chalazion Removal

Monday afternoon I had my first (and hopefully last) experience with Removal!  The sty(s) that I had in my eyelid continued to expand (out of control) and the Ophthalmologist was had me treating it with hot compresses and antibiotics and it was not getting better.  So the next course of action was removal of the problem lumps.  He used the term Chalazion which I had not heard him say before, but apparently it’s when oil glands in your eye get plugged up (could have been caused by the sty).

Now I’m hear to tell  you that the swelling of my eyelid was driving me crazy and I could see it in my peripheral vision…. and I should have had a clue when he asked me twice if I was ready to take care of it… but I was not prepared for the procedure and what came next.

They put some drops in my eye to numb it up a bit.  Then they completely filled a syringe with a local anesthetic and jabbed it in my lower eyelid (telling me "Needle stick, burning sensation") and basically emptied it as they took it out in my lower eyelid.  Now I think that my toes curled up in my shoes… and I know I left hand prints in the arms of that chair, because I’ve not ever felt anything that was quite like that in my life.  But wait, don’t order yet, it gets better!

Then they give you about 5 min to sit there and your face kind of gets tingly in and around that area (kind of like at the dentist office only different).  Then they come in and put these "" on your eye lid to hold it open.  I’m guessing because one of them had a whole in it like to allow the bulging area to be highlighted in the center of it for removal.  Once that’s all done, they put a surgical cloth with a hole in it over that eye.

Then the fun begins… they tell you to look "up over your shoulder" like you can’t see what the hell is going on, but you seek Knife, Syringe, Knife, Tweezers, "gunk cleaned off on surgical towel (above the good eye), more knife, prod with q-tip, more tweezers, more q-tip, then cauterize eyelid with laser.  Now while the guy is asking me if I’m ok… I’m saying yes, but thinking HELL NO… and grasping that chair like it was the ride of my life.

Once that was done, they put gauze on my eye and pressed it to stop the bleeding and then taped it in place.  I was feeling kind of "woozy" and "Shaky".  Kind if a shock like reaction I think.  It was about 20 min before I felt "right" again.  After about 10 – 15 min, they told me that I was good to go and we made a follow up appointment and a prescription for some ointment..

Driving myself home was a whole additional level of entertainment…. with one eye covered still feeling a bit shaky, I started the process of getting myself the 15 miles home at 5 PM.  I had to stop at Walmart and pick up my prescription (with the god awful thing on my face).  All I wanted to do was go to bed when B called to tell me that we were eating out at Cracker Barrel and she was waiting there for a table now.  So off I went to to meet her… after eating, I felt somewhat better.  I came home and put ice on my eye and "rested" in the easy chair until bed time feeling like…. tingly in a bad way for the rest of the evening.

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Marching Band Championship Show

We had a good weekend with the band this past weekend….  Friday night was the end of year party and I pulled the band trailer out to the bowling alley and the adult Pit Crew members had coffee and some snacks and we reflected on the past year.   We usually sit outside the trailers after we put the props away after a show.  We thought it would be fun to carry on our Friday night tradition without having to do the work this time.  I was a good time in a geeky kind of way.  It was cold and raining, so we sat inside the trailer with a heater.

Saturday, the kids had a short practice and then did a full dress show for all the parents and public.  It was a cool afternoon, but it was great to see the show from front to back without having to be on the field moving stuff around.  I got to watch the show from the top of the press  box.  You kind of got to see how far they’ve come from the first pre-show of the year to where they are now.  I remember thinking if they could just pull of a show with the same amount of energy on Sunday for Championships we would be in good shape.  Whatever the outcome, they’d done their best.

  Image000 Image001 Image002 Image004 Image006 Image005 Image007

On Sunday, we had another short practice and then went off to .  The kids went on had had a great performance!  Some of the guard instructors felt that there were still some things that did not go off correctly (things that had been working before seemed to regress) and they were worried that that might be enough to hold us back… but at the end of the day, we came out on top, but not by much.  We got a score of 95.30 for 1st Place and the 2nd Place band Greencastle-Antrim was 95.10

Good News that still concerns me…

Well the trip to the surgeon went well yesterday…  they did all the normal poking, prodding, pressing, listing, and etc.  He told me that it was which is a type of fatty tumor.  He was not sure what was causing the burning sensation or the tenderness form time-to-time, but told me not to worry about it unless it starts to become larger and then they would consider removing it.

So, on one hand… I feel good that I don’t need to get sliced open… on the other hand I’m still concerned that I don’t know what is causing the pain from time-to-time.  For now, we’ll just deal with it unless it gets worse.

Cold night for band practice

Last night the Marching Band had practice from 5:30 – 8:30… temps were down in the thirties last night, so you really felt the cold after a bit.  B. and I took Hot Chocolate out to the band around 7:45 PM last night so they could take a break and warm up a bit (or just drink something hot).  The kids really enjoyed the break and the Hot Chocolate!  Tonight, there is another parent that is going to do the same thing. To give you and idea… the Drum Major was wearing a full face ski mask during the rehearsal.


And then their’s our girl… in just a sweatshirt.  There were two kids that just had t-shirts on (I can’t imagine).

Image002 Image001