Found Halloween Pumpkins


This afternoon we took a walk on the rail trail and found a newly planted box "Halloween Pumpkins".  It was a really nice day for a walk here… the temperature was about 53 degrees and a bit windy, but with the sun shining it was a nice walk.

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Another 1st place event

We took first place last night at our last night.  The kids were really excited about the whole thing…   It was pretty slippery because of all the rain that we had in the previous 24 hours.

Image000 Image001

While we took first place at this competition, one of the other bands in our division scored higher than us at another completion… so championships should be good.

Rainy, Rainy, Friday

Friday night was had a steady rain and the Band Director decided that we were not going to take the Marching Band out… boy was I glad.  It was one of those days where we had rain and drizzle all day… cool and breezy.   Not the kind of day you want to be out in the weather being soaked.  So B and I headed over to a local restaurant and had some dinner and then came home and watched some movies.

Saturday, I have to go over and pick up my camper at the where I had a recall on my refrigerator taken care of and some new locks put on my bunk ends (they were becoming tough to turn.  I ran over and picked it up in the pouring rain in the morning about 8:30.  I’m hoping that it will clear off later because we have a competition over at South Western High School in Hanover, PA.

End of a season, beginning of another

 It was the perfect weekend for camping.  We pulled out and dropped the trailer off at Codours State Park on Thursday night (boy I wish I could have stayed with it over night).  It was was that perfect sit around the campfire type weather.

Friday night, I worked until 7 PM, ran home and picked up the dog and headed out to the campsite.  The dog an I arrived around 8:30 just as it started to pour buckets from the sky.  The only thing missing was the thunder and lightning show.  I made some clam chowder, from a can, and had some crackers and a nice warm mug of tea and listened to the rain and wind hit the camper.   I wished I had all my letterbox material (it was in the car in the extra car lot… just far enough that I was not going to walk it in the driving rain) so that I could have finished up my boxes during the storm.

So in light of something better to do, I laid on the bunk end and opened the screen windows on the side that wasn’t getting pelted and enjoyed the smell, sights and sound of fresh rain pouring thought the windows.  Doggie curled up on a ball on top of me and did the same… after about 30 min, doggie wanted someplace a little warmer and got down and started to paw at the blanket.  So I picked up the blanket and let her crawl under.  She’s such a little person some days.

The girls came in from the football game around 10:30 – 11 PM and we had another round of soup, snacks, and hot chocolate before turning in for the night.  With the rain, it had become much colder and it was still quite windy out.  It would be a good night to be snuggled in under the covers.

Saturday saw a beautiful morning, cool fall like weather… but not cold.  The morning was a bit breezy, but over all it was enjoyable.  We cooked a breakfast of sausage, scrabbled eggs and coffee cake.  We ran off to Hanover and did some shopping and I bought some more sketch pads and ink pads for future letterboxes and then we came back for a nap.  shopping makes the girls tired.

Codours State Park (Oct 21 2007) 009 Codours State Park (Oct 21 2007) 010 Codours State Park (Oct 21 2007) 013 Codours State Park (Oct 21 2007) 016

After nap time, we took a walk and bought some fire wood from the camp host.  We started up a fire as it became dusk and then started to cook some dinner.  We had made some home made stromboli (I use that term loosely).  We took a package of crescent rolls, put some salami down, and then some string cheese in the center and wrapped that up.  Put that in a foil package and bake on the grill grate over the camp fire…. and you’ve got baked goods in 20 min.  We also fired up some packaged soup.  It was a cool-ish evening but the kind where you can really enjoy the camp fire.  The breeze was being predictable, so the smoke was going in one direction…. I hate it when it follows you around the fire ring.  Once everyone had gone to bed, I started to get my letterboxes together for a Sunday deployment.

Image002 Image004

Sunday morning was down right cold… but it warmed up quickly and turned out to be a gorgeous day for dropping off a few letterboxes.  After breakfast, the girls headed home (around 10 am) and I finished up my boxes.  I had four boxes to put out before the park campground closed for the season and I needed to vacate my camping space by 3 PM.  I had Where’s Pappa Bear (Hitchhiker), Nut, Dutch Oven, and Apple Pie to put out on the trail.  My last three were placed more on the Black Rock Road side of the park and I wanted some things closer to the camp ground so that you could walk a loop and have lots of things to find in different places.

I started hunting for locations around noon and was able to place all the boxes by about 2:45 PM.  I was also able to work out my "bonus box" scenario; however,  I’m not sure how it will work out from a clues stand point on-line.  It would not take too much to figure out.  It would be nice if you could hide a box until you found another like you do with the Found / Placed numbers. 


After placing the final box, it was time to go back and wrap a few things up and head off to the dump station.  As I was leaving the park, it was sad to think that another camping season has come to a close.  Tonight I’ve got to run my camper over to Mountville, PA and drop it off for some service and to get a recall notice item taken care of with my refrigerator.

Last weekend of camping at Codours

I dropped my camper off at tonight so I don’t have to haul it out there tomorrow late in the rain.  We are supposed to get some good thunderstorms tomorrow night and I’ve got to work until 7pm…. so this works out.  It’s the last weekend the park is open for camping… makes me sad.  I was trying to talk B into letting me spend the night out there tonight… but she needed the truck tomorrow for a band thing and we decided not to burn the gas of having to bring the truck back and take the Pontiac back out there.

I’ve got two new stamps to put out this weekend.  I’ll work on the boxes on Friday night and put them out in the park on Saturday.  I’ve got two more that are in process.  Not sure if I can get them put out or not yet.  I’d like to do one with a cash register roll for a log book, but I’ve not really worked this out yet.  We found some a few years ago up near Reading; however, I’m a little foggy on how they were put together now.

I’d also like to do something a little different with one of the new boxes…. so I’m going to try and work something out that would be a surprise for the unsuspecting finder of the box. 

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Short trail walk today to scope out some potential letterbox sites.

Today I ran down to Gun Power Falls State Park and took a quick walk on some trails to scope out some potential letterbox hiding places.  Along the way, I got a couple of snaps:

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Another busy weekend…

Friday night we had a football game in Dover, PA.  The High School there is "interesting" to say the least.  When we pulled into the parking lot there was a mob of people waiting to by tickets and waiting for a parade to end there at the stadium because it was homecoming for them.  It was absolutely crazy… nobody knew were we needed to park when we first pulled in to the parking lot.

We had one person start to tell us we could not stay where we were but he did not know where we were supposed to go, another telling us that we needed to back through the crowd and par, in a space big enough for only one trailer (not two), and then a third telling us that we could not park in that space because there was another bus coming from our school.  It was wildly confusing.

Ultimately, they moved two busses down the street to make room for the two trailers and then on trailer backed in (through the crowd).  I pulled up in the parking lot and turned around and then nosed in to the second space since my trailer has a gate that folds down into a ramp.

On Saturday, we got out to the school at 3 PM to feed the kids in the Marching Band lunch after their practice session.  We had made meatball subs for them along with assorted goodies to go with them.  While the girls served up lunch, the guys loaded up the trailers and tore down the prop and got it stored.  We left for the Conrad-Wiser Competition around 5 PM.  The school was up near Reading, PA about a two hour ride from our school.

It was a good night, we got there, got out to the practice area and then found out the the band that goes on before us had an equipment truck fire and would be late.  So we went on at 8 PM instead of 8:15 as the second band in our class.  We scored an 83.x which was the highest score of this .  We got home around 12:30 AM this morning, so we are getting a slow start on the day.

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