Beyond the Hills: The Journey of Waite Phillips

When we came off the Trail, we had arranged to take a tour of the Villa Phlipmonte.  This was Waite Phillips’ summer home before he donated his acreage to the Boy Scouts.  After the tour, we visited a small museum that was on the premises where they were selling a copy of his (Waite Phillips’) biography.  I was curious about the man that would donate such a gift to the Boy Scouts.  In addition to the donation of Philmont, he had also donated his other home Philbrook to house an Art Museum and Gardens in Tulsa. 

Having spent a number of years in the Tulsa Area and in Scouting, I wanted to know more about the man that could give such gifts…. I purchased the Biography (Beyond the Hills: The Journey of Waite Phillips (Oklahoma Trackmaker Series)) and have found it very captivating.  It is so interesting to see places and Streets in towns that I’ve been lived and worked in listed in the book and to read about the days when Oil was king.  I’ve also found it interesting to see some of the oil field names listed that I’m familiar with from my time working for Hadson Gas Systems in Dallas.

If you have an attachment to Tulsa, Oil, Scouts, or Oklahoma…. It’s worth a read!