Back from Philmont

The ’07 Philmont Trip was a success…  We arrived back in Baltimore a bit early (10 PM last night rather than 1:20 AM this morning).  We arrived at the Colorado Springs Airport a couple of hours earlier than anticipated and we were able to hop an earlier flight as stand by passengers. 

Our whole crew competed our Short Trek Program and everyone had a good time!  I’m going to go back and fill out the past 10 days based on my camping journal / diary and put in the associated pictures that go with the different entries.  This may take a couple of days to get all caught up.

Philmont 2007 305

This was the feeling as we got on the buss at six-mile gate to head back into Base Camp

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Philmont – Day 11, Departing for Home

Philmont Aug 2007 (Isch) 103 Philmont Aug 2007 (Isch) 106Philmont 2007 359 Philmont 2007 361 

They say…. if you look back and see the when you leave, you’ll return, oops?

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