Philmont – Day 5, Ute Meadows Camp


We have a two day stop here in UTE Meadows… Home Sweet Home.  When we all got into camp we had the option to make a short hike (about a mile) down to Miranda to go shooting.  The kinds decided that they just wanted to hang out at the camp site and enjoy some time just being in camp… so that’s what we did.

Philmont 2007 143 Philmont 2007 144 Philmont 2007 145 Philmont 2007 146

Mr. Man had another unfortunate accident UTE Meadows… I think the only part left of him that was not completely busted was his head.

 Philmont 2007 148

You’d have to ask if you want more details on Mr. Man!!!!

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Philmont Day 5 – The trail to UTE Meadows (Part II)


After enjoying the rewards of the ridge… we pressed on into the Aspen Trees.

Philmont 2007 128 Philmont 2007 129

Philmont 2007 131Philmont 2007 130  Philmont 2007 132

The Aspen forest that we walked through was really cool… I love those trees!!! There was a "pond" that was sitting among the trees at the top of the ridge.  This was stagnant rain water, but it was amazing to see there.  After this pond, we went down back into more pine trees and the the trail opened up into this beautiful meadow.

Philmont 2007 133

It’s hard to see… but the place is loaded with tiny flowers… I’ll bet this would be a pretty place to spend a morning!!!

Philmont 2007 135 Philmont 2007 136 Philmont 2007 137 Philmont 2007 138

As we descend into our camp at UTE Meadows… you can see our goal in the distance (pictures above) Mt. Baldy.

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