The Trip Out to Colorado Springs

Anna and I left Baltimore tonight at 3 PM and flew to Colorado Springs via Dallas.  Our flights were great!!!  We arrived in Colorado Springs about 10 min early.   We called Mr. Ken and Coach K and let them know that we had arrived.  They drove over from the Church that we were staying at and picked us up.

When they arrived, they had a van full of people that came along to get us… about 7 in all.  We stopped by Walmart so they could make some copies of insurance cards before we left for Philmont in the morning.  Anna and I visited with Coach K while everyone else went into Walmart.  We had some good laughs catching up on the past couple of days.

Anna was like a regular chatter box talking about her week at Band Camp.  Once we got back to the Church, it was near 10:30 (or 12:30 Eastern) so everyone was tired and ready to head off to bed (well almost everyone… when you are dealing with kids, there are always a few that want to stay up and yick yak).

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