Weekend at Muddy Run – Lancaster

We spent the weekend over in Lancaster County (near ) at the Muddy Run Camping.  Muddy Run is operated by .  This is a really nice park with a 100 or so sites with electric and water near by (within reach of a hose for the RV) for most of them.  They accept pets and it’s very family oriented.  We really enjoy this park for a quick weekend getaway… you can enjoy their trails, lake, and the snack bar is always a hit with the kids.



After a morning walk, we headed over to Lancaster to the Coleman Outlet Store.  It was a "Truckload Sale Weekend", so we did some early Christmas shopping for some of the campers in the family… I also managed to pick up an new backpacking tent for under $60 (which I always love doing).  They gave me my Boy Scout Discount (an extra 20%) which makes this and even better purchase… which is good because the rain fly on my current backpack tent has some holes and it does not look like the replacement fly will be here before I leave on Friday.

On the way back form our shopping trip, we stumbled across the the .  I love living history and this was a fantastic find (for just passing by).  They had re-enactors there doing various tasks in costume and willing to discus what (and how) they were doing certain things.  I spent about 20 min with the lady that was working the outdoor bee-hive oven learning about what she was baking.  I had never heard of Onion Pie… but it was good.  She also had several "Peach Pie" and tart type items out for sampling (bad for my diet).  But you know that Diet is DIE with a T at the end…. and I was dying to sample everything.   They also had a cooking demonstration going on  inside at the hearth.  I also checked this out, but most of the cooking for the day was already done, so I checked out some of the hardware.  I was intrigued with the "Spider Pans" that they were cooking in.  The hearth in the Hans Herr House was elevated so that the floor of the cooking surface was about waist high.  I had not seen that type of hearth before.

We went across the street where the exhibits continued and they had another hearth cooking demonstration over there going on in the basement.  Again, they were pretty much finished for the day as it was almost 4 P.M., but is was still fun to see.  The hearth in this house was more like what I’ve seen in the past with a large fireplace and all the cooking done more down on the floor level.  If your in the neighborhood, I would highly recommend checking out the Hans Herr House (especially if they have a special event running with the costumed folks!).

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