News from abroad….

We got news this week that one of our Venture Scouts was involved in a very bad motorcycle accident in Romania.  She is a naturalized US Citizen as of two years ago.  Her cousin, who was driving, was killed in the accident and she was severely injured.   She is so severally injured that she can’t be transported back to the states and her parents are not able to go to Romania because of their jobs.

Her elderly grandparents are there… but I can’t imagine what it must be like to be there in the hospital intensive care unit and not have my parents there (at least at her age).  I’m sure that her parents are beside themselves too… If it were me, I think I would have to say screw the job, I’m going to see my kid!

My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.


Attempting to find a camping spot

We are trying to find a camping spot for the holiday weekend… we are thinking about possibly looking at a commercial campground over near the Jersey Shore.  That would give us an opportunity to hit the beach and enjoy some sight seeing over that way.

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Surgery went well… The worst part was the IV

The surgery went well today… I got there about 10:30 am and got taken right into the prep area. They waist no time getting you all hooked up to the IV’s and crap… I think that’s the worst part of the whole deal.  The topper was that that gave me the IV in my right hand and then started handing me papers to sign.  But what are you going to do… it’s just part of the deal.   Within an Hour I was in the surgical room and they were administering the nappy-time medication.  I woke up a little after noon not feeling too bad  (The last time I was knocked out, I was pitching my cookies for a while when I came too… that was not fun).

The doctor told me that I had one polyp which they removed during the  and that I had which is something that I know that my grandmother had as well.  So I’ll get the biopsy results on the polyp in about a week and I’m supposed to increase the fiber in my diet (to help the diverticulosis out).  I’m glad that they did not find anything else more serious… so far this seems like stuff that one can live with without to much of an issue.  I felt a little "wobbly" when I got up to put my close on just before being released and then again getting out of the car at home.  I was hoping that I could actually do some things when I got home but decided that maybe a nap was the best course of action. 

I’ve been sleeping most of the afternoon and just now got up and got going.  B got me a small hamburger and a frosty from Wendy’s for dinner and that was really good.  I’m going to try and go to scouts tonight and see how things go there.

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Alrighty then… I’ve now finished my prep

I just finished the last 8 oz glass of my prep drink for tomorrow…. and I can honestly say that I’m pretty cleaned out right now!  I had to start drinking about about a gallon of the medicine every 20 min starting at 2 PM…. I just finished my last glass at about 7:20 PM.  I’m glad that’s done!!!!

I’ve not really eaten anything since noon… and I’m pretty dam hungry at the moment.  I’m hoping that I can take some beef broth here soon and at least get something down.  I’m not looking forward to tomorrow… being put to sleep makes me sick and I feel that tomorrow will be a lost day.

A gallon of “Clean you out Stuff”!

I went and picked up my "Medication" that I need to take tomorrow to clean me out before my procedure on Monday.  I’m not looking forward to the whole thing.  I had a choice of about 6 flavors to choose from… I chose the "lemon lime" flavor.  We’ll see how long it takes to get though the gallon of fun tomorrow.  I need to start by 2 PM and I have 5 hours to get it all taken to get cleaned out… oh, boy.  They want you to drink an 8 oz glass about ever 10 – 20 min.

I’ve been having my "last meals" today… steak, potatoes, and Ice Cream tonight before having to go to the "clear liquid" diet tomorrow.

Weight Loss Program still working

Well, I’m still loosing weight and that’s a good thing… I’m now down below 220 on the home scale!!!

I’m going to see if I can stick to my routine of Cereal, Salad, and dinner with a couple of walks during the day for about 2 miles or more.

Beyond the Hills: The Journey of Waite Phillips

When we came off the Trail, we had arranged to take a tour of the Villa Phlipmonte.  This was Waite Phillips’ summer home before he donated his acreage to the Boy Scouts.  After the tour, we visited a small museum that was on the premises where they were selling a copy of his (Waite Phillips’) biography.  I was curious about the man that would donate such a gift to the Boy Scouts.  In addition to the donation of Philmont, he had also donated his other home Philbrook to house an Art Museum and Gardens in Tulsa. 

Having spent a number of years in the Tulsa Area and in Scouting, I wanted to know more about the man that could give such gifts…. I purchased the Biography (Beyond the Hills: The Journey of Waite Phillips (Oklahoma Trackmaker Series)) and have found it very captivating.  It is so interesting to see places and Streets in towns that I’ve been lived and worked in listed in the book and to read about the days when Oil was king.  I’ve also found it interesting to see some of the oil field names listed that I’m familiar with from my time working for Hadson Gas Systems in Dallas.

If you have an attachment to Tulsa, Oil, Scouts, or Oklahoma…. It’s worth a read!