Ok… 8lbs and 10 days to go.

I needed to go back to the doctors yesterday morning to get my eye checked out… my lower eyelid just keeps swelling.  I thought is was a sty at first… it was a little puffy, but then over the weekend it became really swollen.  The doctor looked at it and can feel a lump, but is not convinced it’s more than a sty so we are going to treat with some medication and warm compresses for three days and see if the swelling goes down.

On a good note, I lost a little over two pounds between Thursday and Monday.  So I need to keep that rate up at a minimum to make the Philmont weight (now set at 226 after my ).  I have serious doubts if I can make it, but I’m going to try my best to get there.  I did not get my two miles in at lunch yesterday… I was able to get about a mile and a half in the morning.  This morning, I kicked up the morning walk to 2 miles incase I get stuck at lunch again.


Water, Water, Everywhere!

Sunday we went off to York and the last act out the door was the flush of a toilet….. well two things conspired together to provide one heck of a surprise!!!!!  

  1. Toilet became clogged
  2. Toilet flapper did not close (letting water to continue to run into the bowel)

Sow when we got back at around 3:30, there was water running down air ducts into the basement, under the wood floor in the hall and down between the walls.  Our basement had about a 1/2 inch of water in it… it came through the sub-floor right over the bed in the basement and soaked through the mattress and box springs.  The walls had all wicked up significant amounts of water.

I called the insurance company and filed a claim… then B called to come out.  They showed up a couple of hours after we called and started to remove the carpet pad and dry things out.  We have blowers and dehumidifiers running everywhere.

Because the water came from the bowel, they are recommending that we replace everything that go wet…. frankly, I can’t imagine not.

Off to York

I need to go off to York today to visit  to purchase some last minute items.

  1. Backpack Stove
  2. Backpack Toothbrush for Anna
  3. Tent seam sealer
  4. Tent Repair kit

Nice Rail Trial Walk this morning

Anna and I did about 4 miles today with our packs.  We walked from Rail Road down towards Glen Rock today.  We did not quite get all the way to Glen Rock, but it was not that far.  Anna did a good job on the way down; however, she was feeling a little more tired on the way back.  The first part was all down hill!

We stopped and Checked up on one of my letterboxes ()  I still think that it’s one of the cooler stamps that I’ve carved.  Unfortunately, I’ve not made a picture for that Stamp yet.  Later today, I’m going to go back down and check on  because I had a report that one of the bags was torn.   I want to make sure that things don’t get wet.

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Happy Birthday (early) to Mason

We had a Birthday party for Mason the night before he left for college on Friday Morning.  His Birthday is not until the 20th, but he will be back in Stillwater for that.   It was kind of fun having an "old fashioned" birthday party for him… He was being goofy with us…. So this is classic Mason:

Image000 Image002 Image003

He set out at about 3 am on Friday Morning and got into Bartlesville, OK at about 1:20 AM on Saturday.  He sounded up beat and happy but I could tell he was tired… I think that he stayed out too late the week before trying to see all his friends before he left.  He was going to sleep in today and then head off to Oklahoma State in Stillwater sometime this afternoon after visiting with family in Bartlesville.

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They Boy went back to school…

Mason has headed back off to early this morning (3 AM).  He is going to try and make the drive in one day (or straight through as we like to call it).  It’s roughly 1200 miles or about 20 hours of driving with a short break hear and there.

We saw him off (lots of mom tears afterwards) at 3 am and then checked up on him at 7 am and he was near Pittsburgh and sounded like he was doing pretty good… I’ll check on him periodically through the day just to make sure that he is still awake and alert! 

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I”VE SHRUNK!!!!! and the good news just keeps on coming…..

Ok well some how over the years I’ve lost an inch or two in height.  While this does not sound like a big deal, it means that instead of needing to loose 4 lbs by August 10, 2007…. I now need to loose 10 lbs by August 10 to make the Philmont trek.  I can’t remember when I felt more…. disappointed is not a strong enough word, demoralized might be better.  My drivers licence shows me at 5’11", they measured me back in May as 5’9" and today I’m 5’10".   I had the same shoes on (May and now) so it’s not something like that.  I’m just really perplexed by this new wrinkle.

While I’ve dropped from 250lbs + over a year ago to 236lbs… this will not get me on the trail.  The doctor was impressed with the amount of weight loss between the last visit in May up to now.  I refuse to take diet pills… so I guess I’m going to need to step up the walking and cut back on the calorie intake some more.  We’ll see where that goes.  Hopefully I don’t get to desperate.

Then if that weren’t enough, in my physical we found a spot that looks like it could be skin cancer.  The good news is that it looked like a Basil Cell Carcinoma…. which according to the Dr. is the best kind to have if your going to have some.  So now I’m making an appointment to see a Dermatologist to get that looked at along with a few other items. 

On a lighter note… the pain in my knee (The one in by back side will be looked at in September) is most likely something I can correct with some exercises.  Apparently, I have what looks like  which looks like something I can work on my self with some exercises.