Two Letterboxes Missing!!!

Two of my letterboxes may have gone into a "Missing Status".  I’ve had two different reports on two of my boxes reporting that they could not find the box.  I’m sad to think that someone would have taken them….



Great Camping Trip – Codorus State Park, Hannover, PA

What a nice weekend… for the end of June we had sweater weather here in southeastern, PA.  We had daytime highs in the upper 70’s and evening lows in the 50’s… with lots of sunshine and gentile breezes!  It just doesn’t get much better than that in June!

Friday night I got a late start on hading for the campground, but managed to get pulled in and set up by about 8:30 pm.  The boy (A.K.A. Mason) did not have to work on Saturday until 11:30 am so he came out with me for the evening.  We cooked some Chicken breasts out on my and followed it up with a salad.  We enjoyed a small campfire and called it a night.

On Saturday morning, I got up and cooked us some sausage links and made pancakes in my .  When he took off for the house, the dog (Daisy – A.K.A. Stupid) and I went for a hike on the Mary Ann Furnace Trail and did some Letterbox hunting. 

I was able to find Playing Hooky, Wonderful Box, and Camping at Codorus Letterboxes.  I had a tough time with the Wonderful Box because it was based on finding another box first.  I had found that box about two years ago so I had a vague idea of where it was so I started there.  I did find it after a while!.  For lunch, I cooked some Italian Sausage on the Sportsman Grill and had them with some spicy mustard.  I dropped off a new hitchhiker (Go West) at the Camping at Codorus Hitchhiker Hostel after lunch.  There were not any to pick up; however, it’s good to get one released. 

I had two high school graduation parties to for kids in my Venture Crew.  They were both a lot of fun, I spend about an hour and a half at each and had a good visit.  One was held in the same state park that I was camping in so Stupid and I walked over and had a good visit.  Everyone really liked Stupid… she got fed lots of food items that she normally would not get.  After the long walk back, I put her in her crate and went off to the second party for a bit.  She looked rather pooped from all the hiking around on those little legs.

Following the parties, I came back and cooked dinner (again on the Sportsman Grill).  I had some lamb shoulder steaks, a baked potato, and a baked onion.   The onion is really cool… you cut a cube sized hole in it (at the top) and then put a beef bullion cube in it and then wrap it in foil (don’t seal it, just gather it up around the top) and then set it on the grill.  The juices from the onion make a broth that is really good and the onion becomes really soft.  Man are they good (white onions are the best for this type of thing).   While dinner was cooking, I worked on a new letterbox stamp (Camp Coffee) and got it pretty close to finished.  I’m going to need to get some more boxes and make a log book up before I can release it. 

After dinner I had another campfire and enjoyed the night sky.  The park had fireworks as part of their "Summer Blast" event that was going on this past weekend… while I could not see them for the trees, I could hear the booms. 

On Sunday, I cooked the same breakfast that I did no Saturday.  I was able to finish off my leftover batter and I cooked up the balance of the sausage links that I had…. not on the old DIEt… but then you’ve got to live sometime.  I went’ on a 4 + mile hike on the Mary Ann Furnace Trail on Sunday with another Scouter (in preparation for our trip to Philmont).  After than, I came back to the campsite and hung out for a while and enjoyed the afternoon before packing up to head home.  I never want to leave at the end of a good camping trip!

It was a good weekend

Friday, I had to leave work a bit early due to an upset stomach…. things running down an out.  While id really did not "feel bad", I did not want to take the chance that I would need to use the one and only bathroom and have it locked.  I left just after lunch and worked the rest of the afternoon  on and evening from home.  Kind of a crummy way to spend you birthday… but it is what it is.

Saturday, Mason and I went out to the Airport in Thomasville and had breakfast.  It was nice to eat and watch the planes come and go.  We got to see the Air Ambulance leave…. it’s always pretty cool to see them hover over to the taxiway and then depart.  Mason ha to work at 11:15, so I spent the rest of the day puttering around the house.

Today Mason an I walked about 5 miles on the rail trail.  We started at Hanover Junction and then walked north from there.  We were surprised that as soon as we arrived at the tracks there was a craven of "little train cars on the track"

This little group of trains would run a couple of miles and then stop and take a break.  They passed us after we had been walking a while and then we came upon them again a little while later in Seven Valleys.  We also passed another parking area that had some neat art work outside it on the trail.

When we got done, we came back to the house and had some lunch and started working on the pool and getting it cleaned up. 


I’d like to be camping this weekend, but….

I was looking to see if I could find a camping spot for the weekend; however, the pet sites that I’ve found don’t look that good.  I typically like to be camping on my Birthday; however, it does not look like it will happen this year.  Mason has off on Friday and Sunday, so if he were going to come out I would need to stay close to home.  I really would like to run up to NY and camp in the Catskills or Adirondacks but it does not look like this weekend would be the right weekend to do that.

So it looks like the weekend plans are to clean up the pool and get it all vacuumed out do some things around the house.

Another successful trip to Codorus State Park

We had another successful camping trip to Codorus State Park… While this place does not have all the attractions of some other parks we’ve been to, there is plenty of Hiking, Fishing, Swimming (in the pool), and boating to go around.  Not to mention, it’s only about a half hour from the house.  I dropped the camper off on my way to work on Friday morning…. while this is not exactly on the way, it was not a bad ride to work either.  Since I had to work until 7:30, I could be a little late on the way in. 

After setting everything up, I got into the office about 9:30 am which was not bad timing.  We had a round of really heavy thunderstorms roll through on Friday night… they were pretty violent; however, they did not really last that long.  We had about 10 min of heavy rain and a really impressive lighting show.  Then we had about another 30 min of light rain.  All told, it was just enough to get things wet and cool things off.  That wonderful smell of "fresh rain" again two weeks in a row.  I must be living life right.  The dry camping (with out electric) has been working out pretty well.  This weekend was more like a spring or fall weekend with temps in the high seventies or low eighties during the day.  I can’t really complain.  The overnight temps were in the 50’s… god I love living in PA.  It was just cool enough that you needed a light blanket on Saturday night.

This made for great weather for a campfire and sleeping afterwards.  I was able to use the dutch oven and my "Easy Bake" as the kids call it (Coleman Oven).  I cooked a roast with carrots, onions, garlic, and potatoes.  It was quite good.  I also baked a birthday cake for Anna and made some rolls to have with dinner while the roast was cooking.  Man, dutch oven eat’n is the best.

Saturday evening, we took the kids over and rented some Kayaks and they went off on an adventure… or at least an hours worth of paddling.  I’m going back on June 22nd for the weekend (same site – 140) and will spend most the the time letterboxing or cooking.

Camping at Codours State Park Again (Near Hanover, PA)

We are going to go camping at Codours State Park again this weekend…. I had a business trip where we were supposed to leave on Sunday morning and it got canceled at the last min.  So this seemed like a good opportunity to make another quick trip to go camping.  I’m hoping that I can get some letterbox hunting in and possibly a little fishing if time allows.