Dry Camping this weekend

Well, we still could not find a campsite close by that will accept a pet (at least with Electric).  We decided to try dry camping (without electric) for the weekend at Codorus State Park.


Last Marching Band Event for the Year

Today was our last Marching Band activity for the school year.  We marched in the Glen Rock Memorial Day Parade (Glen Rock, PA).  We had a great day for the parade; however, we did not have many folks on the parade route to see the parade.


Ok… I’ve discovered something "New" while I’m out here in California… Drinking Wheat Grass Extract.  Sounds kind of crazy, but not bad.  They took me to this "Smoothie" place for an afternoon pick-me-up today.  I got a "Outrageous Raspberry" with a "Energy Boost".  One of the other guys orders a couple of shots of Wheat Grass.  Damn strange I thought, but it looked interesting.  I wandered back tonight and got myself one and it was not half bad.  I’m sure it’s not great for the diet… but I figured when was the next time I was going to be able to order a shot of Wheat Grass?

Link to Robeks.com

Back in San Diego

I’ve been back in San Diego now for a couple of days… the flight was much better this time… actually got here more or less on-time.  I’ve made a repeat of the dining that I had last time I was here…. took in dinner the first night at the Cosmopolitan and then tonight at the Airport (Montgomery Field).  I’m getting my share of Mexican Food in. 

Camping at Rickets Glen

We had a scout camping trip to Rickets Glen State Park in NE PA.  It has to be one of the most spectacular places that I’ve been.  You can see 28 waterfalls in a short 4 – 5 mile round trip hike.  It’s a few hours but on a nice spring or fall day, it’s a wonderful walk in the woods.

The Plane Ride Home

Last Friday I made the long trip home…. This was a single stop flight from San Diego to Phoenix and then Phoenix to Baltimore.  It was a long night going from being up at 4:30 am PDT and then arriving back in Baltimore around 1 AM (not getting home until 2:30 am).  Man that was a long flight.  I was just beat… something about being at a customers site and having to be "on" for three days just drains a person.  Not to mention that I was trying to move things forward in my home time zone while working in the clients time zone.  That three hour difference doesn’t seem like a lot until your doing it a few days.

The plane ride was not to bad… the first leg was packed, but it was only 45 min long.  The second leg was 4 hours, but the flight was pretty open (only one or two people to a row).   We had a real bumpy ride home with all the storms in the Midwest.  Even at 41 thousand feet, there were thunderstorms that were higher than we were.   Most flights these days seem like they are just packed anymore…. so at least it was a bonus that I had a row to my self.  My only real complaint about Southwest is that you really have to work at entertaining yourself on those longer flights.  I have a real had time sitting still that long.

I was glad to be back home… I was pretty wiped out on Saturday and didn’t do much.  Sunday seemed better, but I still just felt pooped.   It looks like I’m headed back out to San Diego sometime next week… I’m hoping that while I’m there I can scare up a letter box or two now that I have my bearings.

Dinner at the Airport

Tonight, I had dinner at Montgomery Field  which is right behind my hotel.  There is a restaurant at the field that is right on the tarmac called Casa Machado.