Weekend off to a great start…

  Late last week the family was out of town (on a Band Trip).   I was officially "dog sitting" for the next three days.  I’ve started walking two miles each day at lunch in about a half hour…. it’s been good.  Thursday and Friday it was threatening to rain each day…. but I got my walk in each day.  Thursday night it finally decided to rain and it poured buckets from about 10 PM to 4 AM.    There were some sprinkles on Friday morning, but most of the day it was just overcast.  I had an interesting day at work…  One of our customers caught on to one of my catch phrases…. When something is "Entertaining" it’s not always a good thing.  I need up explaining that there are levels of "Entertainment".

The Entertainment Value Scale:

  1. 1.       Campfire Songs – All is well
  2. 2.       Hair is on Fire – My boss is yelling at me to get things done and I’m trying to focus on my priorities (something about draining the swamp and the number of alligators).
  3. 3.       Exorcism – I need spiritual help to get me through this…..
  4. 4.       Intergalactic – I’m now circling the earth looking for the solution because failure is not an option
  5. 5.       Falling Down – If you’ve seen the movie, you understand.



NorthWest Dutch Oven Society (nwdos.org – Info)


Link to nwdos.org – Info


This is a nice site and has some good information.  I found it off a link on the Lodge Mfg. Site.

72 Bags of mulch later….

I think that I"ve finally got all the mulch put out in my yard this past weekend.  Lot’s of trips to Home Depot to buy mulch.. about 20 bags is good for the back of the suburban (without emptying out the seats or doing something crazy.  We also planted three trees in the back yard around the campfire ring…. it will be neat to see what it looks like in a couple of years when they get big.  We planted River Birch Trees.

I tell you… I’m a little sore today.

It was a good day….

We got up and ran out to the Airport and had breakfast… it’s a hoot to see all the planes come and go!  We spent an hour or so in the restaurant and then went out to the tarmac to watch the planes come in and out.  We saw three choppers come in while we were there.  I got a snap of this S-61 that landed in the grass strop between the taxi way and the runway.  About 10 min later, there was a Bell 206L that dropped in right in front of that.  And as we were leaving, there was a Bell 47 that dropped in.

We got invited down to a hanger to look at an airplane that was being restored.  It was one of about 120 in existence for this particular model.  I wish I could remember what model it was… but it was a really nice plane.

Once we got home, we started in with the yard work.  I got my pond pump up and running and readjusted the pool cover.  We got mulch and then started putting it out (20 bags) in the front yard.  We went back and got a couple more river birch trees tonight and about six more bags of mulch.  We will need to make another run tomorrow and get some more mulch to finish up the back yard..

Off to the Airport – KTHV

We are going out to the airport this morning for breakfast… hopefully we can get a window seat near the tarmac where we can get a good view of planes coming in and out of the airport.

The War in Iraq – an open letter to Congress

While I hold our democracy dear, I find certain aspects of it’s functioning incomprehensible.  I think that it’s important to have checks and balances; however, to have a public discourse about when to remove troops from Iraq seems completely asinine to me.  I would think that if we are "at War" there are some strategic things that you would not want to legislate or talk about in public.

If we are discussing our strategy, next move, withdrawal, or doubts in public… do we not think that the other side of the world is listening?  What do they not have CNN over there?  I can’t believe that our Congress wants to debate these types of issues in a public forum.  It makes me think that we, the American People, are wasting our money if the folks in Congress can’t figure this one out.  I’m not saying that there should not be discussions about this issue within Congress, just that it should not be in public.  I think that this is the largest disservice to our troops…  It seems to be that we have committees and other forms that these debates can be held in without being discussed in the media.

In my opinion if we are going to talk about troop strength or pull out dates dates in the media, we are ensuring our own demise in the Middle East.  Our enemies only have to watch TV and wait for us to leave "as scheduled".

Congress, wake up and smell the coffee!

LaGuardia Airport – AirportMonitor – by Megadata – powered by PASSUR

Link to LaGuardia Airport – AirportMonitor – by Megadata – powered by PASSUR

This is kind of cool if you’re an airplane / helicopter kind of geek (like me)…. I found this link off of Alec Beck’s site (http://www.alecbuck.com/airambulance/).  Alec is a cool kid that loves Medivac Helicopters… and he has quite a bit of neat content and cool pictures out there.