Sweet Smell of Spring

I got some good news about my reservation at Chippokes State Park…. I can transfer the reservation (at no cost!!!) to any park on any other date (proving they have a spot of course).  So long as I make the request before my current reservation begins.  Wow, this was good news… If I candled I would loose $60 of the $72 that I paid for the reservation.

We may move it over to Westmoreland State Park which is a little closer and can comfortable be done in a weekend for B.

Yesterday we had an 82 degree day in Southern PA.  Gorgeous bright and sunny with just a hint of an easterly breeze off the coast.  This brought up the humidly a bit, but it was pleasant.  Our office has a door that exits (just behind my desk) to the back grass.  You can pop out for a couple of seconds and enjoy the day.

Towards the evening, the clouds began to build and you had that heavy air and the sweat smell of spring just before a rain shower begins.  I love that smell when you can taste the coming rain and the world just opens up to take it in.  Spring has finally arrived for good I think… camping can’t be too far off now.smile_teeth

Must cancel camping reservations in April

It’s a sad day today… I’m officially canceling out April the trip to Chippokes Plantation State Park in VA today… smile_cry .  I was really looking forward to the trip.  With all the snow days that we’ve had late in the winter, we’ve used up all the days that we would have taken for the trip.  B. says it’s too far to travel in a weekend…. I thinks that’s crap because I’ve gone to Canada for a weekend and had a good time…. so VA should not be that big of a deal.  But sometimes we must "concede" to keep peace in our humble abode.

Not all is lost.. we may take a trip to the mid-west in April for the weekend.   Before you go, hey isn’t that farther, the answer would be yes… but we are flying and not camping so generally there will be no fun to be had on this trip anyway.  But it’s one of those things that from time-to-time, one must do to keep peace in our humble abode.  Is there a theme here or what.

On another note… I was informed of what is new and "stylish" for spring by my daughter.  While we have not purchased these yet, they have been ogled in the paper a couple of times now.

While I’m not really up on what is hip, they still just look like sneakers to me smile_regular.

Amazed beyond belief….


I was raised with a certain work ethic that I think has somehow escaped a number of people these days.  It’s not about a fair days work for a fair days wage.  Anymore there are a number of people who make it their job to see how little work they can actually do.  With these type people there are a number of things that fall under the category of "That’s not my job" or "I don’t like to do that"… basically, they are lazy in my opinion!

As a case in point, I had a person that was doing some documentation for me… as filler between client assignments. We had discussed what was needed a couple of times.  I provided some examples of the type of documentation that I wanted… what I got back was not even close to mark.  I’m talking like they were not even on the same continent with the target.  It’s obvious that this person was either completely clueless (I know this not to be the case) or was just trying to fill time by doing "just enough" to say that they were working on the request before moving back to something else. 

To make a long story short, this person is no longer with us as of this morning…. our client decided that they did not want to continue with the project that the person was working.  Based on the quality of work on my project… I can honestly say that if the work they were doing for the client was anything like what they did for me, we made a good decision by cutting them loose.

It’s always unfortunate, but sometimes people put themselves in a bad position by how they act.

Busy week here…

The weather got nice again, for the most part, the temperatures have climbed back up in to the 50’s and we’ve had off and on rain the past two days.  This morning is gorgeous, right now it’s 51 and sunny out smile_teeth.  Makes one want to go camping (unlike last week where the adventure was a little forced), but it all makes for a memorable time.

We placed fourth out of six groups yesterday at our indoor drum line competition.  Next weekend we have the Championships and the Jazz Fest at the High School.  It’ sounds like the trailer and I will be very busy all weekend.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….

We went from temps in the 70’s to snow in the course of two days. We had our campout snow and all! I think that we were the only group in the whole camp that was in tents this weekend. 

.: NACURH | 2007 | One Small Step :.

Longhorns Hold Off Cowboys, 69-64, In Big 12 Semifinals –

Link to Longhorns Hold Off Cowboys, 69-64, In Big 12 Semifinals –

It was a said day if you were a Cowboys fan….  Maybe next year?