End of Year Thoughts

As another year draws to a close…  I’m thinking back on all the events that have unfolded.  Good, Bad, and the "Entertaining".    If you were thinking "Ugly", that would be another way of looking at it.

Just to keep this in perspective… There is an "Entertainment Value Scale" for all things Entertaining!

  1. Camp Fire Songs  – Someone’s upset, but who cares life will go on.
  2. Hair’s on Fire       – Someone’s upset and you may somehow be impacted by that (I.e. one’s boss).
  3. Intergalactic         – There’s probably more "poo" on that terd that’s headed my way than I realize.
  4. Exorcism               – Oh yea, this is going to be personally painful
  5. Falling Down        – Someone is about to be fired (taken from the movie).

The last category covers all things that were, well "too much to deal with for the most part".  This year has seen more than it’s fair share of "Entertaining" moments, but really on the whole nothing above the average Intergalactic type of entertainment. 

While the "opportunities" arising from "entertainment" were all pretty much handled, I some how feel that their are still a few that are going to carry over into next year (i.e. my security updates for the building) that may teeter on Exorcism.

Enough of that kind of stuff… The real items that should be in focus are the camping trips of 2006.  To all the places visited and people that made them so interesting to visit.  I’m looking forward to my 2007 trip to Philmont Scout Ranch with my daughter, and secretly hoping that I can loose enough weight to be on the trail.  I know that next year will not be a lot of personal camping because I will use most (if not all) of my vacation on the Philmont Trip.

My weight loss program is to say the least "slow" at going.  Partly due to my work schedule and partly due to the "non discipline" with regards to improving my eating habits.   I’ve managed to cut out soda for the most part… I think that I broke down and had two this month when doing an "almost all nighter" at work (it was like a 20 hour day).

I’ve only really managed a 3lb weight loss since really trying to focus on my weight.  It’s disappointing…. but I still have time to get back on track.  As if you could not have guessed with a blog name like "Campfire Cooking", I like to enjoy food.  So the thought that it would be easy to loose weight is a laugh.  But, determination is a key… and I’ve got plenty of that.

In the fleeting days of 2006, I wish you well with the warmest of regards.  I hope that 2007 is a better year for all the world with less violence.  Let’s hope that somehow we can all see the light and realize what is at stake… not just for us, but for all future generations.


December has flown by!

It’s been a crazy month to say the least.  We have been very busy at work between client updates and our own internal infrastructure updates.  We finally got our Small Business Server 2000 upgraded to SBS 2003 R2.  It was a long time coming, but we are finally there.  We did this Friday the 22nd into the morning of the 23rd.  Christmas is a good time to get that kind of stuff done because a lot of people are out of the office and the maintenance window is easier to get.

I also rebuilt my computer with a fresh install of Vista… it is much better now.  On the 15th I went to burn a CD and my Laptop went into this "endless loop of the blue screen of death".  I would not even completely boot before it would tank.  I was able to boot into safe mode with networking and get all my files and data off before I scratched the disk.  But after the rebuild, the system has been "rock solid".  I was going to need to do that… I just did not anticipate it that soon. 

I was also able to get one good camping trip in with the venture crew.  We went out to Broad Creak Scout Reservation (Camp Oest) and had a good time.  I think that based on our experience, we are going to take the troop back there for the Mystery Camp in March.  We have a cabin camp there in January and we can finalize some of the details then.  The weather was great for a December Camp in the Northeast… we had near 60 degree days and 40 degree nights.  I could not have asked for a more perfect weekend to be camping.  We brought along 10 oak pallets and they made one heck of a campfire.  It’s a good thing we had a large campfire ring.  Between the pallets and the dead fall wood that was all around our campsite, we had about a 13 foot tall fire on Saturday night.  I had some pictures on my phone, but they  got damaged before I could get them transferred to my PC.

The boy came home from Oklahoma State on the 16th…. it’s good to have him at home; however, he needs to adjust his hours to when the rest of the world is alive.  He currently spends the evening into to the early morning hours with his friends and sleeps away most of the day.  He has been better the last few days… but I guess that when your his age that’s when things are "happening".  Dam I feel old.

The Christmas holiday itself was pretty good; however, we had someone attempt a break in at our office on Christmas Eve.  They busted out one of the windows in our office around 11:30 PM.  We had just finished opening our presents, and the kids we’re off to midnight mass.  I came down to the office and waited for the police to come back and walk me through the building.  Thank goodness nothing was stolen.  Not sure what the deal was…. they broke the window but never entered the building.  Either it was someone that just wanted us to spend Christmas Morning cleaning up or they wanted to see if the police would show up.

At any rate, we spend most of the morning (until about 5:30 am) boarding up the window.  So far everyone that has seen the "board up job" has been impressed.  It’s not by any means flimsy.


Vista is very cool…. however, the "upgrade" is somewhat painful.  Make sure to install any tool bar utilities before the upgrade.  I’ve had issues with IE, Portal 2003 (specifically emended OWA Calendars), Visual Studio 2005 W/ Team Foundation Server, and Norton Antivirus.  While most of these issues can be overcome, it’s painful working through the issues sometimes.

The interface takes some getting used to; however, it is really nice once you’ve spent a day using it.