New Boxes Hidden

I had taken Monday (today) off… figuring that we would get in late.  I picked up the mail and returned the the audio books that we checked out.  After that I walked the Rail Trail from Railroad to the Maryland State Line and put out three of my boxes (Woody, The Great Pumpkin, and Hike On).  These boxes are filling out the area on the north side of Railroad.  I’ve had some good success in attracting people to the local area with the three boxes that I’ve got out there now.  It seems like if there are a number of boxes in an area, it makes it worth while for someone that is hunting letter boxes to take a ride and pick up two, three or more.  I had several really nice responses after the holiday weekend from folks that found my boxes.

I hope the new grouping continues to attract folks in to find them.  I’ve got one more that is carved (I need to put the box together yet) before I can set it out.

The Long Trip – Part II

We got home last night around 2 AM… it was a long two days of driving!  We toured OSU on Wednesday and had a good time!  Mason’s dorm room was really nice… I would have liked a place like that if it was around twenty years ago.

We left Stillwater and headed out to Grapevine, TX.  We had a good visit with my parents and brother and sister.  We had Thanksgiving at my Brother’s new house and it was really nice.  I took Dad out with Anna and I to pick up a couple of letterboxes in Grapevine.  We also released a hitch hiker (Homeward Bound) there in Grapevine.  I wanted to pick up some in Keller before dinner on Thursday; however, it just did not work out.  I was thinking that we would have some time before everyone showed up for dinner… but they were all early so we had a good visit instead.

We got to take stupid (a.k.a. Daisy) to the emergency vet over in Keller on Friday night… her face started to swell, just one little spot and then about four hours later it was her whole face.  She was having trouble breathing (but then Pug’s do).  It looked like she might have gotten a spider bite or something that she was allergic to… a shot of Bennerdryll and some steroids got her fixed up.  It just cost $200 that I had not really planned on spending.  But that’s life.  I’d rather have the critter ok than watch it suffer. 

We left on Saturday morning a little later than planned because of the late night vet visit.  We left about 9:30 am (CT).  We drove as far as Nashville on Saturday night.  We stayed out by the airport.  I had planned to drive another hour or so down the road but we deiced to pack it in early.  I wanted to stop by the Lodge Outlet store on Sunday, but they did not open until 1 PM (ET).

On Sunday, we got out of the Hotel about 10:30 and hit the road.  We were making good time…. until we started to hit small accidents and broken down cars.  We had a couple of places where it took us an hour or so to go a few dozen miles.  When we got off I-40 at Exit 407, I saw the Lodge outlet just where it was last year…. but when I pulled up to the building, the store was empty and there were no signs or anything about it moving.  I went to the tourist center next store and they told me that they had moved down the road a couple of months ago.

We got to the loge outlet around 2:30 PM and spent an hour looking around.  The prices were not as good as they had been last year…. the prices were closer to 50% off the list last year.  This year they were more like 10 – 25% off at best.  I was going to get a #8 Dutch oven; however, based on the price, I decided to hold off.  I also got some trivets (4) at the Lodge outlet and a combo cooker (like two frying pans that interlock to make a pot with a lid).  We also went to the Coleman outlet which was next store.  I bought a sleeping bag for Anna at the Coleman outlet and a sleeping pad for me. 

We got back on the road about an hour or so later and really pushed hard to try and make up some time… but it just was not going to happen.

The long Trip – Part 1

We did the PA to OK run in about 19.5 hours… it was a long ride.  I got about an hour break in the driving when B took the wheel for a bit.  She is not really a distance driver… so she was ready to hand it back over after I’d had a cat nap.

Anna and I went Letterbox hunting in Bartlesville on Sunday.  Of the four boxes we attempted, we only found 1.  The others appeared to be MIA.  I carved two new stamps while there… I had intend to put one out as a Hitch Hiker while we were there… but no luck on that.  The one box we found was too small for a guest.

In Stillwater now…. going to enjoy OSU today before going to Dallas.

Mountain Man Breakfast – Yum Yum!

Day 12 – Philmont Prep

Well, I’m not quite where I want to be 12 days into this… I’ve only dropped 2 lbs so far.  It’s kind of discouraging…. seems like there should be more progress.  I’m going to need to step it up a bit to try and loose some more weight.

I’m getting ready for the big trip west. 

Band Season is done!

Well, the 2006 Marching Band Season is officially done.  We had our first playoff football game on Friday night () and we won!  The band played both the pre-game show and the half-time show because the did not show up at the game.  This was good for the band, but it required us to put the props out twice in one night…. and they get heavy after the first go around.  But, it’s part of the show… so out they went.  It was an opportunity to fine tune before the Championships on Saturday.

We placed 8th out of 13 bands during the .  The kids are great…  you would expect them to be disappointed about being 8th, but they were very up beat.  The biggest thing for them was that they improved over their score from the last show.  I tell you I am continually impressed by our youth, what a great bunch of kids.  We did not tailgate this year due to the threat of rain; however, the rain held off until after midnight and we were treated with a mid sixty degree evening, with a light breeze.  It could not have been a more perfect evening for a band competition.  I felt bad for the bands that played on Sunday because they had storms all day and heavy rain and wind.

Sunday was a hard day to get out of bed… since it was pouring rain, it was easy to lay there and just listen to the rain and wind come down.  I just feel like a truck hit me (lots of aches).  My back and knees in particular…. but it’s a weekly thing after moving the props.  I seem to get over it about mid-week. 

Getting Ready for the PA – OK – TX – PA Loop

Well, Getting ready for the big trip over Thanksgiving… We are planning on leaving Friday Night / Early Saturday and heading for Bartlesville, OK.  I’m really wishing that I could be camping, but it’s not going to happen this year.  We are goring to spend a couple of days there and then go over to Stillwater, OK for a couple of days…. we are going to visit the boy at Oklahoma State University.  Anna is looking forward to walking the campus again and spending some time with Mason.  I want to see if I can get a room at the Student Union Hotel for the night. 

After that, we are headed down to Grapevine, TX to visit with my folks and spend a couple of days there.  I’m hoping that we can stop by the Lodge Outlet store on the way back (I always need more cast iron cookware).  But we’ll see…. it’s a couple of hours out of the way, but worth the extra time.

My philmont prep is going well… I’ve been trying to cut back.  It’s been challenging this week, but I think that I’ve still managed to cut down.  I’ll check progress on Sunday.