Talking about MEDIEVAL PAVILION RESOURCES–Camp fire cooking links

I saw this site tonight and it looked interesting… I’ve followed some of the links and they seem like they might be work further investigation.




I Voted Today

I found out late last week that I may be traveling Monday and Tuesday… last night it dawned on me that Tuesday was Election Day.  So I looked up the process for getting an Absentee Ballot and found out that today was the last day that you could pick one up.  They are due back at the County Board of Elections by Friday.

I really feel that is a persons civic duty to vote… there is so much we as Americans take for granted and our right to vote is one of those things.  I’ve heard people say that "My vote doesn’t count" or "They are all crooked anyway" but these are excuses for not taking responsibility to vote.  I wish more people (including in my own family) felt the same way about the importance of voting.

So anyway, I went off to downtown York, PA today to find the County Board of Elections… this is in the "Old Court House" and what a cool building this is… it just oozes history.  The Voter Registration office is in the basement.  After checking in to get my Absentee Ballot, they told me that I should fill it out then and tun it back in now, if I was not going to be able to drop in off in person later (due to the Friday due date).

As I’m filling out the ballot, there is one box that just "smacks me in the face" each time I vote.  That’s the "Straight Party Ticket".  I somehow find this offensive…. like what kind of moron can’t think enough for themselves to take some time and pick the candidates on their own merits.  I always feel like I should take the time to read the names and recognize the candidate and check the box by that person’s name.  I guess it does make it easy, but if I wanted to be a mindless drone…. it seems that I could find other ways to do that.  I feel that I would be giving up something to not pay attention to the individual items and issues.  But I guess you are at the very least voting.

I rather pleased to say that I’ve voted today!

More new stamps

I’ve got two more stamps ready to go.  I’ve decided to take the first one (Suit Case) out to San Diego with me and place it there as a Hitch Hiker called "Homeward Bound".  The idea for this one will be to return it to the "Rail Trail" box in Rail Road, PA. 

Once it has returned to Rail Road, I will convert it to a permanent box at one of the train stations along the rail trail.  It will be interesting to see how long it takes to get from Souther California to PA.

The second one is called "Hike On" and will be placed along the rail trial as well.  Eventually, this will allow me to have a Series of Boxes along the trail.

View Letterbox – Love Letter

Link to View Letterbox – Love Letter

The Love Letter box has been placed near the Hanover Junction Station off on PA 616 West of Glen Rock, PA.  This box in on the York County Heritage Rail Trail between Hanover Junction and Glen Rock..   

Talking about Globe Trekker

 I saw this tv show "Globe Trekker" today on MPT.  This was a really good travel show, that I really enjoyed.


Globe Trekker

Rainy Band Night

Tonight was a wee bit rainy out in PA…. we The band director decided that we would not play our show at the game.  We went out and played the National Anthem, the School song, and "War Path" when the football team came on… and then went back to the band room.  The band never sat down…. we marched in, played, and marched out.  That was a pretty cool deal considering the miserable weather.  After the kids were dismissed, we headed home to kick back some.  It was like getting the night off in a sense.

I’ve got one of my letterboxes ready to put out and the other one is very close.  I need to get another small sketch pad and it will be ready to go.

Rain Rain Go Away…..

It’s supposed to be a rainy weekend here in the NE.  The rain is moving in now and it’s feeling very fall like (cool and raw) outside.  We have a football game tonight at the high school, so that means dealing with the props in the rain… yuck.  Hopefully, it won’t be to bad until after the game is over.

I’m really looking forward to placing my new letterboxes this weekend as well.  It would be nice if it were semi-sunny for hiking about the woods…. but it will probably be my luck and pour on me.  I was hoping to be able to walk the woods last night (I got to leave work a little early); however, I forgot that I had some scout training (Internet Advancement / Recharter) last night.  That kind of messed me over in getting to the park to do a walk about.  I’ve still not been able to get my "Love Letter" stamp scanned to post…. but I hope soon.  That will be an update to the previous post were I mentioned the stamp.

I just found out today that I’m going to San Diego in a week or so and it seems like there are a number of letterboxes close to where I’m going.  I’m thinking that it might be kind of fun to put a hitch hiker out there that would have a destination of one of my boxes in PA.  Then when it get’s "Home" convert it to a standard box.