Green Goo is Gone!

The Green Goo is gone from my pool….hooray!!! I spent last weekend cleaning the pool and getting it all ready to close. We have a DE Filter and while it filters out things at a really fine level, using it with a vacuum really bites! As it tries to pick up the dead algae, it clogs the filter after about 10 – 15 mins of vacuuming. I could get about a quarter of the pool cleaned before I had to stop and clean out the filter and reload it. I was really tired after being out in the sun all day on Saturday.

We only had three people show up to go to Maze Quest. We decided to go anyway and we had a good time. The kids kind of ran ahead of me in the corn maze and ended up getting out pretty quick. I took my time and enjoyed the "walking" for the next couple of hours. I’ve made some new friends… after you pass someone six or seven times, you kind of get to know them. It was a nice enjoyable evening of walking that cool crisp fall air. They also have a u-pick fruit orchard on-site. I think that would be pretty fun to do on a nice fall day. I was really wanting an apple after all that walking!


Maize Quest @ Maple Lawn Farms: The Original Corn Maze Adventure

The Crew decided to go to Maize Quest this weekend for an evening out… it should be a fun event, but we don’t have a lot of time to get things squared away.

Soggy Songs

It was a busy weekend…. The band performed Saturday over in Hanover, PA at South Western High School. There was a pretty good rain storm that went through just before we arrived at the game. The place that we had to park the trailers was a grassy area just off the track. I was very concerned when the first truck went onto the grass… he was pushing a “wave of water” in front of his tire about 4” above the grass. I was pretty concerned about getting stuck after seeing all the water being pushed out of the way by the other Truck and Trailer…. But we didn’t. The game was a complete loss; however, the band had a great time.

Saturday, we attended a band competition over in New Oxford, PA about 20 min north of Hanover. We went as spectators and got to sit in the stands and just watch the bands which was a nice change of pace. Usually we are busy unloading, loading, prepping, or driving on / off the field. There is usually only about 20 min before and after the performance where we get to relax.

Sunday we performed over at the York, PA Fair…. This was a fun event with a large crowd that is primarily there to see bands. The kids had a good time!   After we got back from the show, there is always a "Social Hour" afterwards where the kids hang out and gab.

Green Goo

The Green Goo… Our pool went yellow two weeks ago and went green. It’s pretty dam ugly right now. We’ve been having problems all summer keeping enough chlorine in it. Right after our last camping weekend, the pool started to turn yellow. We’ve tried two different algae control things and neither really killed it. Last Sunday, we bought this “super algae killer”. It’s actually supposed to kill “all aquatic life” Well after putting that in, it’s now a wonderful shade of green. The algae looks like it’s on the bottom; however, I’m having a really hard time getting it swept up with RoboClean.

At this point, all I want to do is to close it for the season; however, I can’t really do that until I get it cleaned out. I don’t want to have to deal with this mess next spring when the water if fridge!

Talking about Drum Corps International World Championship Broadcast on ESPN2 :: Tuesday, September 5 :: 8 p.m. Eas

 Talk about AWSOME….  If you are into marching band, this is just an awsome show and it is so cool that its on TV.  I know that watching our band and the effort that they put in… I can only imagine the effort that goes into to putting on a show with some of the percision that I’ve seen on this show tonight.  It’s really neat that ESPN2 decided to show this!


Drum Corps International World Championship Broadcast on ESPN2 :: Tuesday, September 5 :: 8 p.m. Eas

If you miss it….  ESPN plans to air the program again on ESPN2 as two one-hour "episodes". The first hour will repeat on Monday Sept. 11, 2006 at 2 p.m. Eastern time. The second half of the program will air again on Monday, Sept. 18, 2006 at 2 p.m. Eastern time.

Soggy Game, but nice evening

Last night was a soggy evening… but overall it was not bad. We left the school with a very light mist and it was cool, but not cold.  When we arrived at the Spring Grove High School, they but us in this little bitty parking lot.  It was "challgenging" getting my trailer put in close to the other trailer.  Swinging 30′ of trailer in a small space can be fun.  The band played "stand-still" due to the field conditions which was a good idea.  We got everything unloaded around 11:15 PM back at our high school and headed home.

First football game of the season

Well it’s that time of year… our first performance of the year at the football game is tonight.  We are scheduled to load the Band Trailers around 5 PM tonight.  It looks like we will still have some rain around from the Hurricane Ernesto (or what’s left of it).  I’m thinking it’s going to be a really soggy night in Spring Grove and the temps are supposed to be in the mid fifties.