Car Parking Project

Last night we parked cars (for cash) across from the Maryland State Fair in Timonium, MD. UPS was kind enough to allow us to use their parking lot provided we split the proceeds (70% / 30%) with their United Way Campaign. I really can’t say how much that I appreciate them doing that for groups like ours. Fundraising is always a challenge and to have the potential to do a one night event (without going door to door hawking something) is really awesome. What really makes this deal cool is that we get to keep 70% of what we take in.

While the “deal” it self is really good, the weather reports all predicted rain for most of the day yesterday and even issued a “Tornado Watch” for our area. While we did not get any rain where we were, there were storms to our immediate north and south…. So the traffic to the Fair was not all that great. We parked 12 cars for a grand total of $60. Less what I spent for Pizza ($41), Less the united way amount ($18), leaving a grand total of $ 1.00 in net profit!

So, in typical Scouter fashion, I’m going to eat the $41 Pizza bill personally. This way the kids can at least feel like they worked the five hours in the parking lot for something. If we get the opportunity again next year, well do dinner differently and hope that we have a better forecast.

Talking about What’s Cooking Club: Cheesy-Beefy Cornbread


Ok…. looks interesting enough


What’s Cooking Club: Cheesy-Beefy Cornbread

Poster Child for Sleep

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you felt like you could be the poster child for sleep? This week has been brutal all the way around. It seems like I’ve been going from 5 a – Midnight every night this past week with something. Last night I got up a 3:30 am to finish up part of our implementation. We do different parts so it’s kind of a “tag-team” type event. When one guy finishes his piece, the next guy can start his. So, I have the first piece and the last piece for the implantation. In addition, I’m working late shift for Help Desk coverage and we’ve had client meetings that have required my presence in the mornings.

So I’ve been drinking LOTS of tea today…. I feel like the “low fuel” light is on running into the end of the week. Time for another fill up and then I’ve got to get back to work and stop jotting down entries (but it was a good mental break for a few).

Thanks for listening (but then you always do).

For the Drama of it….

Man, it’s been a long week. I’m still puzzled over Monday. After the Crew meeting, the group has been having a “post-meeting” meeting at Rita’s and chatting. This is a typical high school type hang out where they talk to their friends, get something cool and hang out. We used to do that at the local pizza joint in my day (when dinosaurs roamed the earth). At any rate, I usually take Anna over and shoot the breeze with them for a few minutes before we head home.

Monday night, I was talking to one of the other leaders after the meeting and had every intention of heading straight home after the meeting ; however, the crew members kept calling me to see if we were going to stop by before they had to leave to head home. After a couple of calls (and Anna’s prodding), I decided that I would stop by for a quick visit.

Enter DRAMA…. When I got there it was normal enough and then about four of the girls came over and wanted to know about the “rumor” that I heard and talked to someone else about. I’m like, “what are you talking about”… To make a long story short… I was clueless about this “rumor” that had them so upset. And I really don’t think they believed me when I told them I did not know what they were talking about.

In talking with Anna later, apparently they were talking (her and her guest) about the fact that they heard that one of the crew members had been to a party where some alleged “bad things” were going on… and they were upset about the prospect of a crew member being in that situation. My comment was, well if that’s the case then I would be disappointed; however, I was glad to hear that they had such a strong opinion on the matter. I really don’t think that this person would do something like that.

Somehow, my statement became a “rumor”… ok that In and of itself would not have been so bad if the two that had that conversation with me weren’t part of this “inquisition”. I guess that I gave the prospect of this event so little consequence that I did not even remember having made the statement the following day let alone consider it a rumor. I guess in my mind, I never even considered the idea that this was true or false… it was just if it is true that would be a shame, but I don’t think so… so end of thought. Done.

I’m still trying to figure out how my statement got turned into a question of honor. I feel really bad that this person was upset and even worse that it was being debated in such a public forum with peers and that for some reason I became the “source” for this pain due to the alleged “rumor”.

Being a teenager is tough enough without that kind of crap floating around. The second thought here is… I can’t figure out why someone felt compelled to even start whole I heard a rumor about you thing to begin with…


Talking about 成都のレストラン②

 I wish I knew what this said… but the pictures on this blog are wonderful!  I especially like the food ones!






Meow Dosn’t Answer :(

Working late tonight at the office (Release Night for one of our clients).  I call home to check on Meow (A.K.A. Anna) and she did not answer the phone…. what’s up with that? – Products/Wireless/Basic Networking/Bridges/WET54GS5

The SAGA continues…. I’ve got most of my network put back together; however, I’m having difficulty getting this bridge connected (Linksys WET54GS5).  I’ve got some other PC’s in the Basement that Iv’ e got hooked to a switch that I’m connecting for storage and etc.  I get everything put in ok; however, it will talk to the WRTP54G that I have upstairs.

More late night pain as I try and figure it out… but I’m sure it’s a very simple solution. 

Link to – Products/Wireless/Basic Networking/Bridges/WET54GS5