Lodge What’s Cooking Club

Seems like a pretty simple stew! 




Lodge What’s Cooking Club

Camping in Gettysburg, PA

We had a good time this weekend camping in Gettysburg. The Drummer Boy Campground; however, our site was quite literally “on Route 15”! There is a small row of bushes in front of a chain link fence and then the road is probably 100 ft beyond. Route 15 is a pretty major four lane highway that carries a lot of truck traffic into Harrisburg. In a normal camper, it might not have been too bad; however, ours is a hybrid with Tent Ends that does not offer much sound buffer even with the air handler running.

The campground itself was very nice. There was plenty to do at the campground itself without having to go anyplace else; however, the pool and all the facilities were pretty crowed on Saturday. Sunday saw only a hand full of people in the pool. If you were able to visit this campground during the week…. It would be an excellent place.

The girls did a “Ghost Campfire” at the campground on Friday night and really liked it. They liked it so much that they wanted to do a ghost tour of Gettysburg on Saturday Night. We went into town on Saturday and spent time at the Eisenhower Home adjacent to the Gettysburg Battlefield. As we pulled into the National park, my camera slid off the console and right into my cup of ice tea (this was like a one in a million shot). So pictures for most of the weekend we “shot” because the camera needed to dry out a bit. I did get some “cool” colors on screen on Saturday night. The Eisenhower home tour was pretty good. I’m really amazed at what a “simple” lifestyle that the Eisenhower’s lived. Following the tour we ate lunch at the Dobbin House Tavern (or Springhouse Tavern at lunch). We then went back to the campground and enjoyed the pool and just hanging about the camp site. Saturday night we went back into town so the girls could do the walking Ghost Tour. There are several companies that offer these types of tours; however, the girls wanted to go back to the company that provided the campground tales on Friday Night. They seemed to have a really good time. I sat outside the store and enjoyed the band that was playing at O’Rorke’s Eatery & Spirits across the street. They were pretty good.

Sunday consisted of a few more “shopping” stops for the girls and then a quick visit to the pool and then pack up and head home. All and all it was an ok trip. I would have enjoyed it much more if there had not been some much traffic noise at the campsite overnight.

Excel 2007 Beta 2

I really love the interface and I find it more productive once you get used to finding some things. We have a chart that we publish to our portal from an Excel Work Book. I’ve had some difficulty with this publishing; however, portions of this I’ve figured out. If you want to publish a chart to HTML, then you must use the “Convert” option under the Office Symbol. This seems replaces the “Publish” option in Excel 2003. While this seems to work, the chart does not display properly in Internet Explorer (you just see a red box).

Can we have a cup of Tea?

There is nothing better than having a hot cup of tea (with milk and sugar of course) early in the morning at the camp site. I enjoy sitting outside the camper while everyone’s still asleep and watching the early morning creatures creep around the dewy grass. The still air lingers, heavy with the mornings promise. Bands of light seek the ground, stretching out from behind trees and bushes. This is the best time of the day and all the senses seem to be heighten.

Time to enjoy the morning and plan the day. Enjoy the smells of morning… bacon, sausage, a little biscuits and gravy… oh yea, it’s gonna be a good day.

So next time you’re out creeping about the early morning, and enjoy a cup tea, take in all that’s around you.


Houston, We have a problem….

We received a demo machine from one of our vendors, so we could work though some issues for a client. I got a call from one of the women up front to let me know that I had received a package. When rounded the corner to get the box looked like it was in perfect condition, not like it had been "punted" across the universe. However when I picked it up, there was that sound…. Loose parts. UGH! I opened the box and was surprised to be able to "see" what the problems were pretty much right away.

The computer had Plexiglas panels and hard drive and the CPU Cooling Fan had come loose. Not to mention that one of the PCI Cards was just barley in the slot and some of the cables attached to the Motherboard had been knocked loose by the other parts. I was amazed that after we opened it up and put it back together that it would come up and run without any (at least yet) issues. The moral of the story…. Looks can be deceiving… this had indeed been punted across the universe!

Word 2007 Beta 2

This is “way cool”, Word 2007 has a built in Blog Template that will allow you to post directly from word to your Blog Account. This makes it very easy to put a post together, spell check it (if you need that sort of thing, like I do), and publish an entry quickly.

Weekend Camping Trip

Weekend Camping Trip

Were getting in all the weekend camping trips that we can between now and the time that Marching Band Season starts!

We are going to make a quick trip over to Drummer Boy campground in Gettysburg this weekend.   We prefer to stay in State Parks when possible; however, we tried to find a State Park that we could take our dog, Stupid, with us and were unable to get a reservation.   The parks here on the East Coast only have a limited number of Pet Sites and they seem to fill up quickly.  While we can find plenty of sites at parks near us, none of them have Pet Sites available.  It really stinks that we have such difficulty getting a spot because we travel with our dog.