Man, am I beat this week Ive just had way too much going on Its been like 12 15 hour days at work, and then putting in time at home to get ready to leave, Annas birthday and assorted other items.  I just feel like, can I come up for air yet?  I feel really good that we got our generator load test in tonight before all the thunderstorms rolled through here. Weve taken about six shots of lighting in the office complex in just the past two hours. This is the kind where you don’t get to count to 0 before you here the thunder.  I mean the one bolt I think hit the light pole behind us you could hear a whoosh as the thing hit.

Next week is vacation”… that is to say I wont be working at work that week.  We are moving our in-laws and Im anticipating everyone to be stressed out by the time I get there.  B has been there three weeks now and every time I speak with her she is wound up and not in a good way!  So, Im anticipating a 20 hour ride in the car with Stupid (thats our dog) to arrive tired and then be subjected to the entertainment / drama on the other end.  Hmmm did I say this was a vacation?

The only real bright spot is Ive got 20 hours to listen to what whatever kind of Music / Audio Book / or what ever I want (Stupid doesn’t care what I listen to).   Well, I think that the lack of sleep has me a little punchy at the moment the kids dont get to bed much before 1 or 2 am and they just dont seem to get it that some folks need to get up in the morning. But they have been getting better about being quite once I go to bed.  Im hoping that I can catch up with my brother while Im in Oklahoma he is going to be at a soccer tournament in Missouri the 30th July 2nd.  Im hoping that he may pass through Tulsa on his way back to Houston.  If so there is a chance that we could catch up for a few min.  That would be a kick.  I know that he was planning on stopping in the Dallas Area on the way back to visit with some family there   I would not mind stopping by to see my folks in TX, however, I cant see tacking on another 5 hours of driving to the 20 hour run home.

I figure that we’ve got another hour here at work tonight before we finish up…


Talking about Belle & Sebastian

Check out these guys… they are great!



Belle & Sebastian

More “Pool Work”

More "Pool Work"

Our pool has been a real drag this year.  Seems like all Ive done so far this year is clean it.  Weve had some dirt like stuff on the bottom and its been a real pain to get up.  Our Robo Clean was not picking it up because the particles are so fine.  It just kind of stirs it up and makes the water cloudy.  I went out an purchased a brush that attaches to the pump and works like a regular pool vacuum.  I spent the better part of Saturday brushing and scrubbing with this thing and had to stop and clean the pump (new DE) twice, and I still dont quite have it all up.  It looks much better now, Im down to some small problem areas that need to be gone over again.

I decided to purchase a pretty big surprise for Annas birthday on Tuesday She has no idea its coming.  


Is summer ever goanna come?

Is summer ever goanna come?

It seems really strange weve had like two days in the 90s so far.  This past weekend has been windy and like mid 60s, come on now it June for crying out loud!  I do enjoy the cool weather, but mid 70s or low 80s would be spectacular right now.  Due to the mild winter, our pool was kind of cloudy and its taken me the better part of three weeks to get it all cleared up. What a pain.  The worst part is that its a little too cool to be swimming.

Im a little bummed out about my planned camping trip for next weekend.  I had planned to go out to Watkins Glen State Park in NY; however, there have been a number of things that have conspired to keep me at home next weekend.  None of which were planned when I made the reservations.   Mrs. B is in Oklahoma helping her parents and the kids both have events that have come up that theyve made commitments for. Normally they would check with Mrs. B but since she is not there, they checked the calendar and it was open (I screwed up and did not put it on the family calendar, go figure).  Im half tempted to just take the dog and make the trip by myself any how but I would feel funny about leaving the teenagers home alone.  At this point, I guess its a do over at a later date.

Things have been hectic winding down the end of the school year.  Weve made a stand with Anna about her computer.  Its was getting in the way of some of her school work.  I had to remove the bad influence for the last three weeks of school and the first month of summer vacation.  I told here that she could not have it back until after I saw all the grades get posted.  She was really upset about it (read Much Drama here) for the first week. You would have thought that someone died.  But after she calmed down a bit, I think that she sees that she had ample opportunity to change and did not.  Weve had several good talks over the past month.  It will be interesting to see how she conducts herself for a while (did she get the message?).