Canada & More

Its been a while and a lot has gone on. The trip to Canada was absolutely great! 

The Thursday night leg of the trip was really long.  While it was only a four hour ride, it was pouring down rain to the point where you could barely see the road in front of you.  When we finally got to the Church in Lawrenceville, PA, I was beat.  We had a short meeting to discuss the route for the next day and divide up the documentation to the drivers for the boarder crossing.

The boarder crossing it self was not too bad; however, they did question us a bit more than they have in the past when crossing into Canada.  The last couple of times I’ve been there it was a lot less formal that this go around.  They actually took a good deal of time to question us and check out all the documentation and so fourth.

We stopped at Niagara Falls (Canadian Side of the boarder) on the way up and spent the afternoon.  Im always so impressed with the Falls, I could just sit there and enjoy them for hours on end.  This was especially so this time the weather was perfect, just warm enough that the mist gave you a quick shiver from time to time and then  you could warm right up in the rays of sunlight.  The tulips were all in bloom and due to all the rain the night before the falls were rather impressive!  The kids all had a great time.  The kids had their choice of the Made of the Mist or the Cave of the Winds.  I really prefer the Maid of the Mist you really feel at one with the falls when your in the spay at the bottom watching the water come rolling out at you.

On the trip from The Falls to Camp Bell, it started to rain pretty hard.  The storm seemed to pass just as we were pulling into camp and tapered off to a light misty rain as we put up the tents.  After getting the tents set up and camp established the kids were off to check things out and see who they could meet before supper.  As the kids started to come back to cook, we asked them if they had signed up for the Port-a-Potties.  We told them that they needed to hurry on down to the camp office and sign up you wanted to get a close one incase it was raining.  Also the group that signed up last had latrine duty on the day the camp closed.  Of course this was all completely fictional but it sounded good.  A few of the smarter ones (I love them) started to question why they would need to do that.  We explained that with 3,000 + folks in camp they would need to make sure that each Port-a-Potty got used roughly the same number of time so they did not have any overflow conditions.  This expiation was good enough to get several of them to go down to register.  Which was hysterical because the camp office had no idea this was coming their direction, they were actually following up on it?   As small groups came back, we filled them in and enlisted them to get the hold-outs up to the office.  It was rather successful pranks after an afternoon of “are we there yet?

We had rain Friday night and Saturday night but managed to have good weather for the activities. As with the last DIBC event, all the kids want to go back.  Weve even now had discussions of making an overseas trip in 2008 or 2009. But you know if they want to go (and I mean really want to go), why not?  It would be an awesome experience for them.  I still need to survive Philmont in 2007, but Im open to the possibility.

On another note, the boy (A.K.A. Mason) has started his flight lessons in York.  I think that hes going to stay with the business major in college and learn to fly on his own time.  He still wants to look at that as a career; however, I think he is seeing that the value of having a Plain B is a good idea.  The more folks he talks to the more he comes to that conclusion on his own.  I think that its best when they can do that (arrive at the conclusion that you would hope them to but its their idea and not yours).  So Im happy with this new decision.  I would have supported him either way, but I do think this is the smart way to go.  He is now looking at military service to get the flight time needed for his ATA and other certifications following graduation form Oklahoma State.  I was hoping to get a picture of him on the tarmac with the airplane; however, the weather did not cooperate and his lesson was canceled on Sunday.   He did get to take his first lesson today and the weather was about perfect.  He called me afterwards and was very expressive about it.  He got to do most of the flying and apparently the instructor was impressed with his ability and how quickly he picked things up.  So they covered more ground in the hour than he normally does on a first lesson.  That had him pretty happy about the whole day.  He cant wait to get back for the next one.  On that front, the job he interviewed for came through and he is now set to work the local Home Depot.  So with some money coming in, hell be able to continue the lessons.


I want to be camping!!!

Boy this past weekend was absolutely gorgeous…  All I could think about was how bad I’d like to be out camping or hiking; however, we had some commitments on Saturday Morning and some things to run down for the boy (A.K.A. Mason) as well.   In the morning, the Scouts were sponsoring a breakfast for the regional police department and the township council.  They were discussing coverage for the township.  We offered to provide a breakfast for them so that they could have this meeting and discuss some issues that are important to our community…. So it was kind of a service project for the scouts and crew members that participated.  It was your classic breakfast far… Eggs, French Toast and of course LOTS OF BACON!!!.


After that, Anna and I ran out to the York, PA Airport (A.K.A Thomasville Airport) to check out Flight Tek for Mason.  After watching the planes depart and arrive for about an hour we went in and talked to the guy at the flight school.  He was most helpful and just really nice to talk with… Anna decided while we were in there that she also wants to take lessons.  The guy told her that as long as your 14, you can start; however, you can’t really get a full fledged license until your 17.   He was recommending that if she were to sign up that she take about one lessen a month.  Boy what did I get into there… but I have to admit, it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do myself.  So I can’t say that I blame them… it kind of runs in the family.


Aside from the excitement at the airport, I really wanted to get out and do something outside.  I was scheduled in at work on Sunday afternoon, so that kind of put a damper on doing anything really on Sunday.