Scout Skills Weekend

We had a good outing last weekend with the Troop and Crew.  We put on a “Scout Skills Weekend” for the scouts that just bridged over from the Pack.  We also invited the Weblos that were still in the pack (soon to be 2nd year) on the camp out.  We covered First Aid, Knots, Compass, Fire Building, and an Axe Yard as stations.  We used this “Camp” that is owned by Towson Presbyterian Church called Bee Tree Preserve.   It’s nice, they have a number of trails and a group of four Adirondack Shelters (each with a fire ring).


They learned the Tenderfoot and Second Class Requirements in each of these areas while navigating the trails around the camp.  At the end of the day, we went back and each patrol cooked dinner.  The Crew made a pot roast in a #14 Dutch Oven, Bread in #10 Dutch Oven, and Peach Cobbler in a #12 Dutch Oven.  There is nothing like hot peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream on a cool sprint evening after a long day of walking trails.


My impression for talking to people after the event is that they thought it was well done and the crew pulled off the event pretty much working on there own with just a little prodding from me.  The crew would like to go back to Bee Tree sometime this summer for just a crew camp.   That could be kind of fun.