And The Response… still no Potjie Pot

I got a response last night from one of the three placed that I e-mailed yesterday about the Potjie Pot.  They were the only place in the states that I found (Northern Traders Wholesale).  They had a resonable price; however, they only sell "Wholesale"   I guess I’ll wait the day and see if either of the other two places resonds to me before I decide how to aquire a pot.
On a better note, our planning for our next Scout outing is coming along.  We did most of the final round of traning for the younger scouts and all of the activity coordinators in the Crew are now planning their events.  I’m always concerned becasue I don’t know that they do much until just before the event.  One of the new girls is going to plan the menu.  She is really concerned because she does not feel that she can "cook"… but then I would tell you that most of the boys can’t either so it’s not a big deal.  I’m trying to give her some crateive suggestions (at least streach her from cheese sandwiches) that we can make during the campout.  I think it will be all good in the end.

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