No Potjie Pot for you!

You’re asking yourself… what the hell is a Potjie Pot?  Well, it’s a cast iron South African Stew Pot (A.K.A. Cauldron).  The funny thing is that it’s difficult to find a distributor of them in the U.S.  I love my Dutch Oven’s (all four of them); however, a Potjie Pot seems like it would be a good addition to the collection.  I’ve been looking around to see if I can find someone that carries these type of pots for about two years…. I can find places on on-line where they are sold, but most are overseas or don’t list prices and are difficult to navigate.  I broke down today and sent e-mails off to an Australian company and the manufacture (Falkirk) in South Africa to see what it might cost to purchase and ship a #3 pot to the states.


You can also find some “Celtic” type cooking using these pots (as Cauldron’s).  I did find one place in Houston (Northern Traders) that looks like they might have what I’m looking for (a #3 or #4 Potjie Pot); however, most of the other places are carrying product that is more “Mystical” in nature… I just want a plain old cooking pot without any pentagrams.


I’ve included some interesting links just incase you are interested: