The Soda Run

I purchase soda for the office every two weeks or so at Wegmans Supermarket.  This is a really nice store and they seem to have “everything under the sun” when it comes to groceries.   The typical soda run is about 10 cartons of soda (12-packs) of various types, and a box of hot chocolate once a month.   


My only real complaint is that it is always packed, and it takes “forever” to check out.  I’ve tried it at different times of the day and it’s generally busy…. If you have lots of time, it’s a great place to walk around and browse.  I really like their meat / seafood counter and they have a large selection of tea (I’m partial to Tea).


I’m trying to decide what to cook this weekend…. I’m thinking that some nice grilled fish would be good, with some wax green beans, and a nice stuffing (maybe crab stuffing)…. I’ll need to think more about that.