Scout Skills Weekend

We had a good outing last weekend with the Troop and Crew.  We put on a “Scout Skills Weekend” for the scouts that just bridged over from the Pack.  We also invited the Weblos that were still in the pack (soon to be 2nd year) on the camp out.  We covered First Aid, Knots, Compass, Fire Building, and an Axe Yard as stations.  We used this “Camp” that is owned by Towson Presbyterian Church called Bee Tree Preserve.   It’s nice, they have a number of trails and a group of four Adirondack Shelters (each with a fire ring).


They learned the Tenderfoot and Second Class Requirements in each of these areas while navigating the trails around the camp.  At the end of the day, we went back and each patrol cooked dinner.  The Crew made a pot roast in a #14 Dutch Oven, Bread in #10 Dutch Oven, and Peach Cobbler in a #12 Dutch Oven.  There is nothing like hot peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream on a cool sprint evening after a long day of walking trails.


My impression for talking to people after the event is that they thought it was well done and the crew pulled off the event pretty much working on there own with just a little prodding from me.  The crew would like to go back to Bee Tree sometime this summer for just a crew camp.   That could be kind of fun.

Video Knot Sites

One of the guys at work sent me a link to some cool "Video Knot Sites" on the web.  They seem like they would really help in teaching how to tie knots.  I’ve always felt that it’s difficult to teach knots in a group…. it seems to work better one on one or one on two… much beyond that and the kids don’t seem to get it and they are afraid to ask.

Work Eats

Tonight was a late night at the office… after putting in a full day, we had scheduled an upgrade for our SAN beginning at 7 PM.  Between 5 and 7, we grilled some Lamb Steaks, Baked Potato, and Baked Onion on one grill and on the other a Fish Flay with some Bacon wrapped Scallops.    It was a good meal and it was nice to be able to kick back for a few before we had to get going again.


It’s now 2:40 am and we are still working through issues.  My goal at this point it to be in bed by 6:00 am.

Talking about NPR : ‘The Scavenger’s Guide to Haute Cuisine’

I listened to this interview last night on NPR.  I think that the verbal interview was better than the article posted here.  The idea of talking a 100 year old cook book and then trying to follow the recipes was intriguing.  Making dishes based on what was available to royalty in last century seems neat.  It sounded like some things were overly complex just to be complex (i.e. cook something in a goat bladder and then discard it and present it in something else).

Some of what this guys has done is down right nasty… but then again, it was interesting. It sounded like the guests that sampled his meals kept a journal at the table to record the thoughts, tastes, and smells of the event.


NPR : ‘The Scavenger’s Guide to Haute Cuisine’

Talking about Character

I think that this is a very sad story… and speaks to a certain lack character.  But read for yourself and decide.



Md. firm’s practices get FTC scrutiny –


And The Response… still no Potjie Pot

I got a response last night from one of the three placed that I e-mailed yesterday about the Potjie Pot.  They were the only place in the states that I found (Northern Traders Wholesale).  They had a resonable price; however, they only sell "Wholesale"   I guess I’ll wait the day and see if either of the other two places resonds to me before I decide how to aquire a pot.
On a better note, our planning for our next Scout outing is coming along.  We did most of the final round of traning for the younger scouts and all of the activity coordinators in the Crew are now planning their events.  I’m always concerned becasue I don’t know that they do much until just before the event.  One of the new girls is going to plan the menu.  She is really concerned because she does not feel that she can "cook"… but then I would tell you that most of the boys can’t either so it’s not a big deal.  I’m trying to give her some crateive suggestions (at least streach her from cheese sandwiches) that we can make during the campout.  I think it will be all good in the end.

No Potjie Pot for you!

You’re asking yourself… what the hell is a Potjie Pot?  Well, it’s a cast iron South African Stew Pot (A.K.A. Cauldron).  The funny thing is that it’s difficult to find a distributor of them in the U.S.  I love my Dutch Oven’s (all four of them); however, a Potjie Pot seems like it would be a good addition to the collection.  I’ve been looking around to see if I can find someone that carries these type of pots for about two years…. I can find places on on-line where they are sold, but most are overseas or don’t list prices and are difficult to navigate.  I broke down today and sent e-mails off to an Australian company and the manufacture (Falkirk) in South Africa to see what it might cost to purchase and ship a #3 pot to the states.


You can also find some “Celtic” type cooking using these pots (as Cauldron’s).  I did find one place in Houston (Northern Traders) that looks like they might have what I’m looking for (a #3 or #4 Potjie Pot); however, most of the other places are carrying product that is more “Mystical” in nature… I just want a plain old cooking pot without any pentagrams.


I’ve included some interesting links just incase you are interested: