Busy Weekend

Last weekend was very busy…   


Saturday we had a Band Competition out at Hempfield High School.  I think our score got “whacked” by about 10 points because we had some recorded music that accompanied one song.  It seemed like the band director knew that this was going to happen.  The kids are a little disappointed that we are only going to two competitions this year with the indoor drum line.  Several of them say that they are not having as much fun this year…. But I still think that they are having a good time.  After the competition… we did a few things around the house and then it was off to York.  We bought all the supplies for Jazz Fest at the High School.


Sunday was an all day scouting event.  We catered one of the local pack’s Blue and Gold Banquets.  It was cool (from a Camp Fire Cooking perspective).  We cooked 15 Roasts, made “Smashed Potatoes”, Green Beans, and Corn, plus desert (Brownies with ice cream, whipped cream, and a cherry on top) for about 200 people.  Believe me, 100 lbs of potatoes or mash (or smash) is quite entertaining.


The roast went on at 10:00 am – Triple Sealed in foil with a can of beef broth

Potatoes went on at 12:00 am – Smashed with Butter, Garlic, Parmesan Cheese, Sour Cream, and then layered with Mozzarella Cheese

Corn & Beans went on at 1:00 pm – Corn was cooked right in the can on the propane stoves and the green beans in a large pan on the propane stoves.


Lunch was served at 2:15 pm down the street at the fire hall… in about 15 min, we had everyone served and seated.   Clean up, however, was not completed until near 5 pm… but all and all it was a very rewarding day.  We had loads of complements and got an offer for the Troop / Crew to cater another event later in the year.






Lodge Grill

I got a new “toy” last week.  I got a Lodge Grill at Wal-Mart for $20 on sale…. This was a really good price.  In the Lodge Manufacturing Catalog, this is around $100; however, you can find them in many outlets for around $75 – $80.


I seasoned the grill top this past weekend, but it was really to cold to get out and use it.  I’m hoping that I’ll get a chance to use it his weekend.  I’ve included a picture below.

Klondike – Adventures in the Snow

This past weekend was pretty good… We had our Crew Campout at Camp Conewego in the large cabin there…. It was excellent!   The cabin has like this huge commercial range (electric) and then a standard stove.  There were a total of three ovens in this place.


We got up on Saturday expecting snow at any moment… none, nothing, nada all night!  We had a quick breakfast and then headed off to Camp Tuckahoe for our Klondike Derby.  I was proud of the crew, they put a lot of effort into building the sled and getting it ready to go to the derby.  When we go there, they did not want to bust it up on the ground (remember… no snow) so they carried it on their shoulders pretty much all day.  Around 1:30 in the afternoon, it started to snow like crazy.  We had a good time.  We had taken a couple of events where we turned in very good times so we were hopeful that we would have a good showing for the day.  We finished all the events about two hours before anyone else and had to wait for the actual sled race to start at 3:30 pm.  Around 2:30, we decided to head back to our cabin and start dinner.  The Troop had busted up their sled pretty good during the day dragging it around in the gravel.  We loaned them ours to do the race with.


Over night (Saturday into Sunday)… it just snowed like mad.  We had about 8” of snow on the ground when we woke up in the morning.  The power went out at about 4 AM and the Met Ed truck came by around 7 AM looking for the downed line.  Good thing that the cabin was heated by wood!  We got a phone call from Shrewsbury around 9 AM telling us that they had about 18” of snow on the ground… what a difference 45 min of travel makes.  We trudged back to Shrewsbury at around 10:30 AM after having our “Big Breakfast” and playing in the snow.


Breakfast was 3lbs of bacon, Pancakes, Eggs, and Leftovers from the night before… we all pigged out!


On Monday Night… I was disappointed to find out that our sled had been used for firewood by the troop…  but we had a good time with it.

Spring Camping Reservations

I feel good; I got some camping reservations made for this spring…. I’ve got a date at Pine Grove Furnace in April and a date at Watkins Glen in June.  I’d like to do a second trip more in the 1,000 islands or Adirondacks in late June or early July.  I’ll need to see how that goes. 


Right now what sounds like fun is a weekend of cooking and some solitude.