Haunting Sounds

Sitting here tonight enjoying the haunting sounds of "Faire Celts: A Woman’s Voice"…. I really enjoy some of the various Celtic Music formats.  It has a surreal quality that seems to put you in a trance like or hypnotic state.  It’s there, but your mind can really wander when listening to it.  It’s funny but some of the tunes are in Gallic and I can understand a word of it… but I still enjoy the sound of the music and the general melodiousness of the spoken words against the music.


Today has been a general “clean up” day at home.  I’ve been trying to get all my records organized for “Tax Season”, so I’ve got that started (well done as much as I can at this point).  I decided to go through and do some cleaning of files and organizing things a little better.  I did not realize that this would take most of the day to complete.  I’ve also been working on some work items (documents that I need to get out next week).  It’s always a chore to get started; however once I get going, it never seems too bad.  Well, I’ve got my first draft out there for review… we’ll see how it floats back in on Sunday or Monday.


Thunder Snow – COOL!!

We had a really cool snow storm yesterday…. the day started out like a fine spring morning, almost felt like easter should be here just any second.  Cool, crisp and clear and then more of that mild tempatures during the day.  Around 8 PM it started to rain, then snow then thunder… then driving snow / ranin / wind.  We had mabe an inch of snow fall in about an hour.  It was some of the largest flakes I’ve ever seen.
Then it just ended!

January Weather – NOT!

It just doesn’t seem possible that it’s January here in the Mid-Atlantic…  This seems like a “Texas Winter”.  It’s been spring like this week (except for one cold day) we’ve had some good camping type weather.


I’m looking forward to getting the Dutch Ovens out and doing some camp cooking again.  I was hoping to do some of that this weekend; however, it seems like it will be a working weekend instead.  We are pushing to get some things completed for early next week so it looks like we will be working on Saturday and Sunday afternoon / evening.  Not that I’m complaining because it really doesn’t happen all that often… but when the weather is nice it just seems like you should be outside.  I guess I’m getting “cabin fever” without having had a real winter yet.


Going back to Philmont!!!!

Well, we officially got the word last week that we are going back to Philmont in 2007.  We got a 9 day trek at the end of the summer – August 9 – 20… I’m really excited about it!   My daughter will be making the trip with me this time around… she is a member of our Venture Crew.  I think that it will  be great for her to experience the same things that my son and I experienced in 2003.  It was truly a life altering experience for him when he went to Philmont.  I was surprised to see how much it changed and matured all the kids that went on the trip with us in 2003.

My son would like to go back as well, but he is not sure if his classes at OSU will start right around the time that the trip ends… so he is not sure if he will be able to make it.



Cabin Camping

 We are set to go Cabin Camping this weekend with Scouts…. It should be fun. 


I wish that we would have some snow on the ground.  I love it when you go out in the woods and your can hear your self breath and just the dead silence of the night air.  The night sky bright and so close you could reach out and touch the stars.  They are so clear and close in the winter sky when your out in the woods.  The smell of oak burning in a campfire in the cold dead of winter… the process of slowly warming yourself by turning to the fire.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year –


Just sitting here reflecting on 2005 – Lots of things really.  Things that I wanted to do and didn’t, things that I did not intend to do but somehow did, and etc.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the people whom I’ve crossed paths with during the past year.  I’m wishing everyone a happy new year and hope that it all gets off to a good start.


I’m looking forward to the year’s slate of camping activities… I’m already suffering from “cabin fever” and winter has hardly set it here.   I’ve got camping trips planned in January, February, and May with the scouts already.   The first two are cabin camps here in the area and the May Trip is to Canada (for the weekend).  We are going to the DBIC in Dorchester Ontario.


I’m thinking about making two runs to New York this Year with my Trail-Light Travel Trailer.  I really want to go to the Adirondacks for a family trip and I also want to go to Watkins Glen, NY.   There is usually one time during the summer when I get left alone and the family goes back to Oklahoma to visit.  But that’s enough time to make a Trip to Watkins Glen to see the falls, do some hiking and some cooking.  My family general feels that the 4 -5 hour drive is “too far” for a weekend trip; however, I really don’t think it’s that bad if you can squeeze out of work a bit early.   I bought a book last night and started to think about these trips a little bit more.  I wish I knew the dates when I’d be by myself so I could make the camping reservations now…. Last year it turned out to be the 4th of July and by the time I found out…. All the sites were taken L.  Sometimes, it seems like an evil plot.   When you only get two weeks off a year, it would be nice to plan out and go some places that were new and different.   I love to explore new places!


If anyone has any other NY Camping Ideas, let me know.