Placed the Rail Trail Letterbox

Tonigh I was able to place my second letterbox the Rail Trail Letterbox in Railroad, PA

Weekend Update

Yesterday was nasty rainy here in Pennsylvania…  It was one of those fall days where you just wanted to shut yourself in the house and have a warm cup of soup and sit in front of the fireplace and enjoy the leaves falling from the trees!

Ah, but that was not going to be the case for me this weekend.  We had a band competition and a football game both on Saturday.  We were up at the school pulling the trailers out and getting them loaded.  We did very well at the competition with a score of 93.1 and we took High Music and had the highest score of the whole competition.  The kids were ecstatic!!!   To top the day off, our football team played another undefeated team in our league.  It was a good game and went to overtime.  The band arrived late in the third quarter… and our band rushed out to sound off.  They did not know at this point how they did at the competition yet.  The game went 0 – 0 right to the end.  Then they play four downs (each team) from the 10 yard line.  The other team went first and scored a field goal (3 points).  Then we went and scored a touch down (6 points).  Right after the game ended one of the Band Directors showed up with this four foot trophy and gave us the news about the competition.   It was an awesome day!

I was also able to put out my first letterbox (Tulsa Time) on Thursday.  This is a hitch hiker so, I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes from Maryland.  I’ve got two other boxes that are ready to put out… but not sure when I will get to them.  I tried to put the Lost Love letter box out last week but ran into problems with getting it to it’s location.

Busy, Busy, Busy…

It’s been a really long and exhausting couple of weeks! Marching Band season sees us out late (really late, like 1:30 am type late) on most Fridays and Saturdays. Sunday then becomes the day where everything else needs to get done. By the end of the weekend, I need a day off to recuperate (generally speaking). In addition to that kind of stuff, work has been going nuts in a good way and there are tones on things that are due like yesterday…. So seems like I’m running all the time. We had a number of family illnesses in the past week. B’s dad had to go in for surgery and it was cancer… they removed part of his voice box and part of his artery. What was supposed to be a four hour surgery went seven. He had some had some pretty serious troubles last week after the surgery so B wanted to get there to help her Mother and Sister. B. tried to fly out stand-by on Sunday but we could not get her out to Tulsa. We were at the airport (BWI) form 6 AM to roughly 3 PM and then I drove her down to DC to see if we could get a flight out of Regan. It looked promising to get out of DC until the in-bound plane took a mechanical and would force her to miss her connection in St. Louis. So we came home and I just bought a full fare for her to get out on Monday morning. While she was there, my Grandmother had an issue with her leg and we found out when B called to go and visit her. She had just made the call to my dad in TX to come get her and take her into the doctor. I won’t go into the details but she basically had an open wound on her leg that was preventing her from doing anything and she is just so stubborn that she won’t call for an Ambulance… she feels that she doesn’t need it unless she’s like dying. So she went and saw her doctor and they sent her to the ER with this massive infection on her leg. During the night last night, she had a stroke in the hospital so she’s not able to speak or move the left side of her body at the moment. B has been splitting time between her Dad and my Grandmother visiting them and generally helping out. I’m glad that B was there to help out in both cases. I know that every family handles grief / crisis differently. My family may be odd in the sense that we tend to deal with the facts during the event and not the emotions. They seem to get couched for a period of time. I know B views this is a “cold” but I think that it’s a coping mechanism. I know that I always feel that I need to deal with my feelings in private rather than in public. I don’t know why that is… but I just don’t feel the need to show the world how upset I am at any given moment. B thinks that we are not a close family, but that could not be further from the truth. We just seem to pick up right where we left off. At any rate…. Granny is on my mind and in my prayers tonight B’s Dad is doing better and is now at home. I hope to see everyone in November at Thanksgiving! I’m taking the camper out to Oklahoma and doing a little fall camping for the holidays.

Fall is here

This past weekend we had near perfect fall weather…  The mornings have been down in the 40’s and the afternoons in the 70’s or mid 80’s with little humidity.  We had the Football Game on Friday night out at York Catholic High Scool and then we had an event over in Westminster, MD.  We raised our score by two points; however, we were 5th place in our group.  Next weekend we are off to Doylestown, PA near Philly for an event on Saturday.