Open Question – On the need for solitude?

Have you ever had the overwhelming feeling of a need to have solitude? 

I’ve been having this feeling lately like all I want to do is disappear from the face of the earth for about 15 – 20 days.  Just pick-up and go to someplace remote where I can just be with my thoughts.  Cool nights, warm days (not hot) like you get in the early spring where you can perch yourself on a rock and be warmed by the sun.  Sitting staring off into the distance and thinking about the whys and what fore’s of life.  You know it’s funny, but I have time off (i.e. weekends), but I never really feel rested because of all the other stuff that’s going on.  There is always something else that is waiting to be done or someplace to be.  I’m not sure what’s going on but I can’t seem to sleep and I just have the overwhelming sense of not being well… I just can’t explain it.

My guess is that this is all stress related somehow… but I just wondered if anyone else ever had that same feeling of need.


Tailgate Party?

Friday night was band night at the football game and we had a tailgate party (sandwiches, chips and soda) before the game.  The Middle School Band performed with the High School Band during the pre-game show and then went into the stands with the High School Band.  It was pretty cool, the size of the band almost doubled.  After the game, the High School Band did their show.  The show is really looking good.  We did not have any competition this weekend; however, we were working on the props for the show.

I ended up working on Sunday trying to get some documentation finished…. It just seems difficult to get done during the week with all the other items going on.  I was supposed to be in Anaheim this week working with a client; however, that got postponed on Friday and moved back to next week.  I would really like to get some camping in now that the weather is starting to turn cooler here…. That 50 – 60 degree night makes great sleeping weather, you can enjoy the campfire and have a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate) and enjoy the night air.  The smell of cake baking in the early evening in a campground…. Man I’m ready.  


Notes from Venture Round Table

Planning for the “Fall Dances are underway!

There is a Halloween Party on Saturday, October 29, 2005 (7 – 11 PM) at the East Berlin Fire House.  This will be a COSTUME PARTY!!  The cost is $5.00 if you show up in costume and $10.00 otherwise.  They are asking for a headcount with names by October 19th.  There will be a late fee after October 19th.  There will be prizes for Funniest, Scariest, Most Original, and Best Overall Costume (they are talking about cash prizes).    There will be more details soon!

 December 28th, is the Snow Ball Dance (7 – 10 PM) at the East Berlin Fire House.

 There was also an idea put on the table for “The Great Rescue” in June 2006 as a council wide event for Venturing Crews.  With all of the natural disasters over the past couple of years, there is a feeling that we are not as prepared for emergency situations as we should be…  The Venture Round Table (VRT) would like to bring in different people to run courses in different types of areas like:

  • Wilderness Survival
  • Search and Rescue (water and woods)
  • Floor / Water Rescue
  • Hurricane / Tornado (High wind safety)
  • Major Accident
  •  Forest Fires

 The “courses” would be offered by “Professionals” over the next eight months as weekend or evening mini courses.  In June, there would be a weekend where crews are given different “real life” scenarios that they are placed in where they will need to respond to the people and items that they encounter.  I think that this is a really neat idea given all the things that are going on in our world today… you can never be too prepared.  

Would you believe…

Would you believe that someone has invented a backpack that generates electricity?   This seems like this has a lot of practical uses for this in light of some of the natural disasters; however, I can see this going up the mountain at Philmont right now to power a CD Player… something here makes me sad.


Boy’s and Girls…. Keep you fingers away from the latches on trailer doors!  

 If you don’t keep them clear (ouch)… they can get pinched like mine did!  This was just one of those stupid things where I was not paying close attention and the trailer door latch popped up and pinched my finger… broke the fingernail in half on a diagonal.  Darn, that smarted like h@#$%.   Oh well, live and learn… I still have use of the digit and no stitches, so it’s just really bruised and sore.  I’m amazed at how long it was bleeding though… almost two days before it completely stopped bleeding from under then fingernail.  The finger is still very sore, but functionalJ.

I was able to still do my thing with the band pit crew on Friday night at the football game; although, I was not moving at top speed. On Saturday night, we pulled the band trailer out to Hempfield High School for the Cavalcade of Bands Competition.    We took second place in our division (Liberty Class) with a score of 75.10.  That is a really good score for us especially since we moved up a class this year.

A world of thoughts

It’s been over a week since I’ve had a chance to update here…. Work has been busy (which is a good thing) and there have been lots of activities between Scouts and Band.  Last weekend we had a football game out in Bermudian Springs, PA just over an hour from the school.  It was a very rural school north of Hanover, PA.  We (the Pit Crew) had a good time.  I really enjoy the people that run the instruments from event to event and get things ready for the band.  By the end of the evening, your beat… but you’ve had a whole bunch of fun!

Sunday we had an appearance at the York Fair, in York, PA.  The show was good, but the parking, unloading, loading was just bonkers crazy.  I guess the guys parking the bands did not talk to the event organizers because they had no idea that band arrive with a couple of buses and a couple trailers with each of the sixteen bands.  So when they started parking the early bands, they did not leave enough room for the later ones.  Let me tell you backing a 30’ trailer in a field full of cars is an “entertaining” thing (at least for me).  The silly thing is 8’ wide so you don’t see the ends real well on the passenger side until it starts swinging around!  But hey, that’s what it’s all about right… Having fun and being “entertained”.

The percussion section has been putting in some extra time and practice… Anna has really blossomed in the past month and really come out of her shell.  I can’t believe the difference in her in terms of her confidence and self-esteem since band season began.  She seems to be having a ball and knowing some of the upper classman that were Mason’s friends seems to have really helped out.

Scouts have been good as well… I’ve finally got our Alternate Class A uniform ordered. And the crew has selected the new officers for the 2005-2006 year.  We have had another young lady join our Venture Crew and I got the surprise of my life on Monday night at our meeting.  We had one of the High School Guidance councilors show up at the meeting.  You would think that a 20 something single woman who had to deal with teenagers all day would be ready for something different at the end of the day…. But I’m really glad to have the help.  With the increased interest from young women who want to go camping, backpacking, and etc we really need some more female leadership to keep us in compliance with the BSA Policies.   It’s not so bad when it’s the daughter of one of the male leaders and you only have one female leader; however, when you get other kids in the program the thought of having two deep female leadership and not just two deep leadership becomes even more important I think.  At any rate, she seems like she has lots of enthusiasm and is ready to jump in and start working with us.  It’s exciting to have new people that are willing to jump in and help.  It seem all to often that people just sit back and say “I’m just too busy to help” or “Well I work full-time” (like I don’t) and can’t help out.   While trying not to make a generic statement here, there is just a huge lack of volunteers will to help these days.   Leaving kid without good examples in our community is part of the problem that we have with “troubled youth”.  I think that if you give kids support and good live examples, the ability to make the right choices will be more evident to them.

I’m looking forward to this weekend… looks like Ophelia will miss us here in PA (at least where I live) and we will have a good weekend.  They are talking about a chance of rain tonight for the football game; however, tomorrow night (competition) is supposed to be excellent weather and a little on the cool side (I can’t wait).



Backyard Grill

I’m looking at getting my own backyard fire ring and grill (  I think that this is  a pretty cool type of thing!