Camping at Muddy Run

This weekend, we are taking the final camping trip of summer (well before school starts).  We are going to Muddy Run Park in Holtwood, PA (near Lancaster).  This park is really nice and odly enough run by a power company Exelon.  The water hookups are kind of intresting… they have a water tree with several connections on it and some of the hoses need to run accross the street depending on your campsite, but outher than that the park is great.
There are several intrestng events that run there during the year. I’ve included a couple of the links:


German Butter Cake – Best Dam Cake EVER!

Our old Scout Master brought me back a “cake” from Philadelphia two years ago… it was “Philadelphia German Butter Cake”.  He gave me a whole cake and said try this and let me know what you think…. Well the top of the cake actually would run if you tipped it.  I know, your thinking gross, but it was wonderful.  The top was like a butter syrup that was somewhat runny.  It was very rich, but with a cup of coffee, it was “fabulous”!

Last year, I spent eight months in Philadelphia moving a data center for a client and tried (in desperation) to find a bakery that had a Philadelphia Butter Cake or a German Butter Cake and everyone looked at me like I was out of my gourd when I explained what the cake was like.  Well this month, he took me to the bakery where he bought the cake.  It’s the “My Old Place Bakery” in Lansdown, PA.  If you want a butter cake, call a head and reserve one (610-259-4000), because they generally only make them on Saturday / Sunday and they go quick.  The day that we stopped in to get one, they had sold out and told us they would have more at 1PM; however, our schedule did not allow us to stop back into the Bakery.  For me, it’s worth the 1:15 min drive every once in a while.

If you would like to see some pictures of an actual Butter Cake (not from the bakery), visit Debbie Koenig’s Blog

Mason Update

Well… it sounds like Mason is doing beter after classes started.  It sounds like his doorm floor threw him a suprise party for his birthday on Saturday.  I know how boring that it can be when you don’t quite know many people and you don’t have things to do.  I know that going to college is a huge adjustment; hoever, I think that he will really be able to discover who he is and what makes himself tick if he stays open to the experience.  I really hope that he is able to get involved in some kind of activity and experience campus life.  I know personally, it took me two years before I hig my stride and found what made me happy… from that point one, life was great!!!
Here are some shots of his doorm room:

Crew Meeting was good

We had a really good crew meeting last night and got alot accomplished (see meeting notes).  It looks like we will have three people join the crew in the next few weeks.  The 24 hour capture the flag event was a big hit.  I’ve also got some fun feed back  on the pictures that I posted on the crew website.

24hr Capture the Flag Weekend

This weekend we had our 24 hour capture the flag weekend.  This was a planned event that was put on by the York-Adams Area Council for Venture Scouts.  This was two items combined, The Capture the Flag game and then VSE Day which is a picnic.  I was not able to stay for the picnic; however, the Capture the Flag game was good.  I’ve got some pictures from the event.

Band Camp – Preview Show

Last night was the Band Camp Preview show for the parents.  We got to see the results of two weeks worth of intense training.  The show is really looking good!  I think that this is the furthest along we’ve seen a show at this point in the season.  They have two numbers down with drill and the third and fourth they are still working on… but it looks good.

They are doing a theme of Wizards and War (somehow the music relates to the Harry Potter Movies).  The music tells a story of a battle between two wizards and their armies.  The arrangements are written for Symphonic Band and have been adapted for the marching band.  We are going to have some cool chess pieces on the filed (castles) that go along with the show.   I can’t wait to see what it looks like at the end of the year!


Test Message

We are currently testing some thing with IM… I’ll delete this later!